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Re: Mri-c5-6
May 19, 2004
Hi Chris, It was very nice to hear from you! It is funny how some of our symptoms are so similar. When my injury first ocurred the left side was effected. I can still remember how bad the pain was and there were times when i just wanted to die! The docs kept misdiagnosing me without doing any kind of tests and they also knew how conservative i was when it came to taking meds, so i sufferred tremendously. When i was finally dx i really didnt want to have surgery so i just kept putting it off. Well, wouldnt ya know it, just my luck a year and a half later i was in an auto accident, this elderly man who shouldnt have been driving hit my vehicle, so i ended up herniating another disc! So here i am with 2 herniated discs, one effecting the left side and the new one of course effecting the right side! A few months after herniating the second disc, one day i noticed that my right arm seemed to be weak. A couple of days after that it was extremely weak and i couldnt hold on to anything. It was pretty much weak and unusable for about a month and then it slowly came back. It was pretty scary when it first happened. Now since my surgery as i stated in my previous post, i still am having alot of pain and over the past 3 years i have changed a bit when it comes to the pain meds. I decided that if they were available to me i am going to take them for my pain, providing i am home. I am just so tired of being in pain. I keep telling myself that it will get better and it just takes time to heal, after all i am just 6 weeks post op. I am so looking forward to the day that i am pain free and need NO MORE MEDS!!! Do you ever post on the professionals board? Maybe i will see you in there! Hope to talk again soon, Hurdy

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