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May 2003 ref. to neurosurgeon for left neck pain & MRI done. NS on exam found carpal tunnel, worse on left, confirmed by EMGs w/ successful release 7/11/03. Seemingly symptom free until 3/1/04 then progressively worsened symptoms of left neck pain. Again ref. to NS who ordered 2nd MRI. I posted last week after 2nd MRI about the agony of laying on table for study. Well returned for F/U and 2nd MRI results 5/13/04 show:

1. Circumferential disc bulg. w/ uncostoverebral joint hypertrophy at C5-C6 level bilaterally causing bilateral neural foraminal narrowing.
2. Asymmetrical disc bulg. at C6-C7 to the right w/ acc. hypertrophy of the uncostovertebral jiont also causing right neuroforaminal narrowing.
3. Cervical spine remains unchanged since study of 5/31/03.

Anybody that has had an MRI: Do you think this explains my left arm/thumb off and on numbness all the time. My MD says yes b/c I can reproduce numbness by turning/flexing neck to either side & wants surgical intervention. The NS says he is puzzled, doesn't think it is bad enough for surgery. From the recent posts, I am more terrified b/c I read of the long term pain after surgery and multiple procedures.

I am taking Orthoflex, Soma at night and Darvocet for extreme pain with a disability statement (limited duty <20 lbs.) Meanwhile, I am HS teacher who must float out of my classroom and must carry in my arms all books, papers, etc. needed for a planning period. I am never sick or absent for 7.5 yrs here, teacher of year last year (so I have a good reputation on my job). My director said he didn't know what to do w/ the MD typed form with limitations, gave it to school secy. who filed it. In other words, these people do not intend to respect this. I am so frightened. If I am still having symptoms, which I am, feel like the brutish work conditions make it worse--then a surgery date will sched. at 6/10 appt. What happens if I am not able to teach come August 1? I am bitter b/c I feel like I have had "help" to get to these neck probs--must carrry cases of copy paper back to classroom, move computers, have been tripped purposefully as an assault by a student (school chose not to take action against student--as always and swept it under the carpet). I am getting really depressed b/c I feel like my employer doesn't care (at least 7 more days of school left). How can I protect my job w/ whatever happens? I have tenure but we are a nonunion state. I just have no experience as I have never had an injury or general anesthesia surgery before. Appreciate anybody's input.

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