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hi all! i had acdf surgery on 4/5/05 w/ hardware. did not wear neck brace at all. i am currently in physical therapy due to having alot of pain on the sides and back of my neck and base of my skull. nothing seems to help w/ this pain. sitting in a chair is just horrible. tried muscular injections in neck, zanaflex, tens unit, heat and absolutely nothing has helped ease this pain. just wondering if anyone else has experience this pain and how you have dealt with it. thanks!
Hi Hop1. I was just curious, why didn't your doctor order a neck brace after surgery. I thought that was an absolute must after any neck surgery?

I have been in a hard brace (Miami J) collar for 10 weeks and will probably be in it for a good while longer as I had four levels fused with plating and had both posterior and anterior incisions, but I really feel this brace is necessary in my case - I take it off at night and when showering. It is cumbersome and hot since summer has arrived, but if it helps, I will wear it as long as my NS says. The PA told me at my last visit that the NS may let me wean off of the collar after my next visit which is two weeks away after he sees my next x-rays. This is a long hard recuperation and I really do get impatient at times, but considering the risks of not having the surgery (paralysis, continued pain and progression of symptoms) I can take all the time it requires and do whatever it requires to get through this recuperation period. My advice to anyone having this surgery is to rest when you feel like you need it (I know for moms with families to care for this can be very difficult) and try to keep a positive attitude - this will get better! God bless and good luck to anyone contemplating having this surgery. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

it is so nice to "talk" w/ people who've had this same surgery as i have! the pain gets really bad some days. i bought a soft collar so i am going to wear that as much as i can and see if it helps somewhat. just got the report from the mri taken prior to my acdf surgery in april. it says i also have "mild degeneration and herniation at levels C3 and C4". i didn't know that before today! my surgery was on C5/6 and 6/7! so now i am concerned about the c3 and 4 levels! i'll have to ask ns what this means as far as what i can and cannot do! my husband is wheelchair bound so i have to help transfer him quite a bit! thanks all for your replies....helps to know you're all out there! :)

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