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It could also be caused by injury to the sympathetic chain that runs outside of the vertabrae all the way down the you have any other strange weirdness going on.i unfortunetly ended up with this type of damage during a surgery this past sept done on the inside of my spinal heart palpatations actually started in the recovery room.when I awoke from the surgery they were all concerned that my heart rate was not stable.(I have absolutely no heart history at all)Do you have a big change in your BPs?do you suffer from orthostatic bPs?it is when they take your bp while lying down and when you are standing or even sitting up and there is a big drop in the BP.while in the first few days of my recovery mine kept on doing day they were trying to get me up to do some pT ,they took my BP when I was just lying there and my systolic was 120,but as soon as they sat me up to get out of bed, it plummeted down to 88.Needless to say, i didn't do pT that day.

I was rather curious as to just what nerves would be involved in this mess and managed to glean alot of info buy researching neuroanatomy.i hope this helps.Marcia

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