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Hi Tammy!
My symtoms started about 2 years ago, but the first Doctor told me I was just too overweight. I was embarasses to ever bring it up again until I recently got a new Doctor and dropped 45 pounds. It started with tingly arm and legs every no and then, stiff shoulders, aching feet. Then is progresses to constant right side numbness and tingling, migranes and weakness. Sometimes I feel a burn in my muscles after doing something like just washing my hair! I also started getting migraines. It all kind of started at diffrent times and I just though it was aches and pains of getting older. I have 2 small kids and thought I was always tired and weak from being on the go and being about 70 pounds over weight. When I think back now, I should have spoken up. I have always been sensitive to neck and back rubs...they just never felt good to me , they made me hurt no matter who did them, and my stiff legs and aching knees and hips were more frequent then they should have been for a normal person my age. All other areas of my health are perfect,(bood pressure,cholest.,etc) so I chalked it up to being fat. I was told that I was born with this condition, but I don't know for sure. I have my first surgery consult this Friday. They say it serious to have your spinal cord compresses and that surgery is the only option when to get to feeling the numbness and pin & needles. I'll let you know. What kind of symptoms do you have..?

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