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One week postop news - I have continued to feel better than ever. The ACDF was the best decision I could have made; I have no negatives to report. In the three weeks before surgery, I was given Darvocet to use as needed for pain and they basically did nothing but blunt it a little.

After surgery I was rx'd Percocet, took them religiously x 3 days expecting to have major postop pain. From the first day home, I decided NOT to set my alarm clock to take my 3 a.m. Percocet--figured if I was in pain, I would wake up and I am happy to report that I have slept every night all the way through. This means from the beginning I was going 8 hrs. from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. w/o pain meds of any kind. After day #3, decided to space out the Percocet to see if I really needed them. I am taking one q. 12 hrs. now just to stay relaxed along with Flexeril and a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory routinely. I am a little stiff first thing at 7 a.m. and take a Percocet at 11 p.m. basically as a comfort measure to relax and sleep. Any postop pain I noticed is minor, a little 10% of my previous pain around the shoulder blades. The only enemy now is boredom. I am under house arrest because I do not have the plate/screws and am in a hard Aspen collar. I will leave the house the first time for my 1st postop check on 7/20. From the very day I got home, I have been walking about 1 mile a day (it helps the bones fuse). Silly as it sounds, I am using a cane for balance aid as you do have tunnel vision with the Aspen collar. I did not realize how bad I felt these past four years (steady decline) until after the surgery. I feel like I am "21" again. I hope this comforts all who are considering ACDF.

The best investment was the Isometrics, I think, memory foam pillow (Bath & Body), well worth the $50 because it allows you to position and does not crush and also a U-shaped cervical pillow. I can arrange these on my sofa to keep pressure off my neck and arrange them in bed to sleep comfortably.

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