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they will tell u to eat nothing midnight after show up in morning the paperwork goes smootly in case u alredy pre regestired they bring u back to prep room ask u a bunch of questions tell u what they are preparing to do
hook up nobs to u for nerve stimulation, put on surgical stockings to help with blood flow,iv check vitals usualy give u something to relax

then doc comes in gives u a few final instructions then the anestisologist and wheeled away depending on how long your surgery is 3 - 4 hours longer if multiple instances of fusions/ bone spur clearning out
wheeled to recovery room sometimes it takes a while to wake up

at a certain point they bring you back to your room still most likely groggy and when awake they pull tube out of your throat and give u oxgen

that first night they will try and get you out of bed,to walk a bit , you may throw up right at the begining, and feel shakey and wobbley remember it gets better
sometimes you have to ask loudly and often for pain medication that first night be persitant till you get some relief

ask for nasua meds and pain meds it helps so does crushed ice

first night they check on you often have u do a bit of walking and in many cases the next morning doc comes in and does a once over ( puts a collar of some type on gives u at home instructions and releases you)

when you get home take it easy bending is hard eating is hard stick to puree puddings, jello, popcycles ,crushed ,ice bananas, soft foods

your first bathroom may hurt that is normal

a week post op u start to feel a bit more normal and not like death warmed over, if you took your meds slept alot that first week that is good you don't remember the worst parts or the pain
oh there sometimes knots and bumps on side of head that is where your head was in traction for the time during the surgery and that adds to the pain

bout 2nd or third week sometimes there is burning across the neck and sholders my doc said it was nerves begining to heal after being pulled all apart during the surgery

it is very hard at first laying down flat in the bed some found easy chair much better even for sleeping in
do not try to take a bath the first few weeks, stick to showers if u can being very careful not getting in and out quickly

you may have a sore scratchy throat for a while some may last up to a month or more feels like a ping pong ball in the throat hurting sometimes when u sallow

try finding some nice vitam e cream and gentley rub the scar area after most healing is done ( the nurse at the hospital told me by rubing up on the scar it is less likely to cause trouble/ cloting there ?

if u run out of the pain meds call in refill at least for first month sometimes going into second month

some folks take longer, to heal then others, rest lots, often and take care of yourself

for some the right after is noticalbe with lack of muscle spams and nubmenss others it takes a while to notice the difference

i wish you a speedy recovery take care of yourself be kind to yourself during your recovery period and if you dont feel 100 percent by month 2 thats ok it may be up to 3 months before normacly is part of your vocablulary again
please let us know how you do and know you will be in our good thoughts

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