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I am two weeks post op from ACDF on c5-6 and c6-7 with a titanium plate. THis is decompression (removal of the stuff that is causing pinched nerves), with fusion from the front.

Expect to wake with some difficulty swallowing, especially if they put in a plate. The pain when I woke wasn't too bad, and the old pain was gone and still is. They will most likely put on a collar, which bugged me right off the bat, but you will get used to it.

I went home less than 24 hours after surgery. My recovery has been pretty good, I got back on hard foods in three or four days. I still have to be careful to take smaller bites of food and chew real well before swallowing, and keep water close to help you to swallow.

I go in on Firday to have post op check-up and xrays to see how the fusion is doing.

I was very scared before the surgery, but it really wasn't too bad.

The panic attack is probably a response to the anistesia (SP). It makes most people freak for the first 12-24 hours. My response is to protect myself, and I have woke all curled up in a ball and totally freaked out from past surgeries. THis time I was fine. If you have a problem let the nurses know right away, and they will help you.

You will get board during recovery, because of limitation. After 2 weeks, I am going a bit crazy.

It will be worth it if you had anything close to the pain that I had.

Good Luck and keep us posted.

I am 2 weeks postop today ACDF C5-7 & C6-7 w/o plates/screws. Having worked in hosp. for 20 yrs before teaching, I was surprised that I flipped out about insignificant things. I think I just polarized all my fears on the 23 hr. stay itself. Identify what you fear beforehand, think about what it will take to satisfy your concern(s) and talk to those responsible (doctor, nurse). With me, always getting nauseous after any med, it boiled down to I was terrified I would vomit in the recovery room, incapacitated and be left to aspirate my vomitus and end up ? My NS promised he would see me before the surgery but it ended up that I never saw him until 3 p.m. in the room. Thank goodness for the support I received from the hospital staff. I had a great anesthesiologist who listened and gave Reglan/Zofran preop to ease my mind. The hospital OR staff was very accommodating--parked my husband in the recovery room. Don't be afraid to identify your worst fears and express them. On my preop form, "under concerns about this procedure" I wrote fear of nursing negligence/inattention based upon what happened to my best friend in Oct. 2002. Everyone went the extra mile to dispel this preconceived notion on my part. Be your own advocate, speak up to get what you need!

I walked a mile in the neighborhood the day I was discharged. I have felt better and better each day. Now I can appreciate how lousy I felt in body and mind over the past four years. My postop pain at the worst was only 10% of what I lived with daily since March 2004. My MRIs only showed bulging discs and my NS was candid in trying everything else before surgery. Finally in June 2004 I had diminished strength show up on the left. Even two weeks post, I can feel my left hand keying and don't think I have permanent loss that is noticeable.

Another great thing since your husband will be away. My best friend w/o my knowledge organized other friends in church and other teachers to provide meals for the first two weeks postop. This was such a blessing. People tended to show up between 3-6 p.m. with literally an entire meal to drop off. We had so many home-made meals that a lot has been frozen that we still enjoy. This relieved the burden on my husband who is doing extra cleaning and running erands. Friends are wonderful and it has been nice to have a fresh face pop in every day. Assemble your support system, let people know what you need. Take care.

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