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Hi Mary T., I too had dagger-like pain in the rib cage on the left side along with ringing/snapping/clicking in the left ear x 2 years, and also frequent headaches which I never considered neck-related. Just like dennisgb, I had surgery ACDF on 6/30/04 at C5-6 and C6-7. No specific cause or accident for the bulging disks--just years of computer use. My NS used donor bone and no plating. Before addressing the neck, he did left carpal tunnel release 7/11/03 to rule out carpal tunnel causing the symptoms. I felt great immediately after the ACDF surgery--so good to be free of all the symptoms above that no doctor wanted to relate to my neck problem because according to them my MRI "didn't look that bad." My NS had nothing further to add after the surgery about the diagnosis. Immediately after surgery, my postop surgical pain was about 10% of what I had been dealing with for 2 years. I took the Percocet as instructed for only two weeks and never awakened at night so never took any at night for the 8 or so glorious hours of great sleep that I was enjoying. Now after surgery with all the variety of symptoms resolved, I feel great and am focusing on following NS's orders for recovery and know in my own mind now that my pain was very real to me. For a while there, I had lots of self-doubts that maybe I couldn't deal with pain as well as I should and my mental state was deteriorating before the surgery. Good Luck! Malia

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