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Hello all,
I have had neck prob. for years from whiplash. Had MRI 6/15 that shows:
1. Abnormal cord, cord "flattening" from C4-C6, I suspect diffuse Myelomalacia. Loss of cervical lordosis.
2. C4-5 has spondylitic effacement of anterior thecal sac and moderate left neuroforaminal stenosis.
3.C5-6, broad spondylitic effacement of anterior thecal sac and bilateral neuroforaminal stenosis.
4. Bilateral neurofaminal stenosis at C6-7. There is broad smooth effacement of anterior sac from osteophytosis.
5. Believe all changes are on the basis of osteophytosis. Only soft tissue disc is C4-5. Most significant finding is the myelomalacia to the cord itself.

My Spine Surgeon said I need ACDF C4-C7 and PCDF C4-C-7 within the next 30-90 days. My diagnosis is Severe Spinal Cord Compression, Myelopathy, subluxation C5-6, cervical myelo radiculopathy, significant bi-lateral stenosis neurofoaminal and cervical myelo radiculopathy.
My second opinion said I should go to Barrow's Neurological Institute in Phoenix for surgery. Am now waiting for that neurosugeons opinion. Has anyone been there or know what it's like down there? I have looked up every word and know what the words mean, but no one seems to want to answer my questions about Myelomalacia. Can someone explain this to me?
I think all neck surgeries are not to be taken lightly, (Guess that's why I've put this off so long) does this sound like I should be worried? Does it sound normal?
I have learned a great deal from all of you, you're going to be a comfort the next couple months.

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