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I'm new to this site. I have been having pain, achiness and light tingling in my left arm, shoulder pain and neck pain and pressure in my head for a month now. It started in my arm and then I got pain in neck and shoulder. I went for an mri in my arm when pain began shooting down (also have a lump in arm that ached off and on for well over a year). Nothing serious was in arm, just fatty tissue developing. I went back to doctor when the pain went into neck and shoulder and was told I have a pinched nerve. I was given a steroid shot that seemed to worsen stiffness and pain in neck and sent to Physical Therapy. Every time I left PT(3x week) I was worse but continued hoping that this would eventually help. I was put on hold now for PT. Friday, I went in to PT crying and was sent to doctor and was given vicodin and flexeril(also already on 800mg ibuprophen 3x day). I just had cervical mri this morning and hoping to get answers. I'm a bit nervous after reading some of these posts, but am getting lots of info. I have 3 children and taking care of them and the house is getting tough. Some days I can tolerate the pain and other days just getting up and walking feels like torture. Anyway, thanks for listening.
Hi! Thanks to everyone that has responded. I had 2 mri's. One on my arm that show a 3mm mass(possibly phlebolith or injection granuloma?) The doctor said nothing to worry about but report from mri says to get plain radiograph(x-ray) for calcification. Doctor never sent me for anything. And the 2nd mri was a cervical. Doctor also said my neck was perfect and when I picked up the report, it said I had minimal anterior spondylosis and mild biconvex scoliotic positioning, no impingement seen. I don't know much about any of these things but it sounds like something even if it is small. I'm told I should have had a mri w/dye but I didn't. I also had an emg that came back positive for a pinched nerve. Neurologist recommended an mri (which I already had, go figure. I told him when I was there and supposedly the reports where sent to him). I'm scheduled to go back to neurologist on Oct. 1 and I hope he can help point me in the right direction because my reg. doctor doesn't know what to do. In the meantime, I'm on neuronton 300mg 3x, vicadin, flexeril and diclofenac sodium and still am in pain. I've stopped physical therapy because I was always worse and ready to go to emergency room and pray to be admitted. Help! Thanks for listening! I'll give an update when I have one.

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