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Hey there duck..I am also a health care professional with a dx quite similar
to you-so heres my story in hopes it will be of help to you or others. My
initial sx was basically woke up one a.m. and had trouble turning my neck,
it just felt stiff,etc then basically it progressed really fast to severe pain
at the base of my neck,radiating out to shoulder blades, bad mid-level
back pain. A couple of weeks later I started dropping things with my left
hand-losing dexterity and increased weakness if left arm,hand,etc. I had an
MRI done which showed C5,6 disk protrusion with spinal cord compression.
I am now 1 week post-op anterior one-level fusion with donor bone and plate
and screws. I have no pain at all anymore and my dexterity and strength
is almost back to normal. I spent 1 night in the hospital - however I do
have to wear the Aspen Collar for 8 weeks according to my surgeon - he
is strict about that wearing it 24/7 shower ,etc for 8 weeks straight! I guess
I just want you to know I feel this surgery has given me my life back !
In addition, prior to surgery I was taking Neurontin 1.8 g/day,Flexeril tid,
Norco 10/325 qid,Alprazolam 0.25 mg tid - now no meds at all !!! Yippee!!!
Let me know if you have questions,etc


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