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Have some question regarding my Wife's recent involvement in an MVA. She was the passenger in a car that was stopped at a red light and rear-ended.

The accident occured 11 days ago

Initially no symptoms.
Hours later, headache, neckache - Trip to the ER

She has since been attending daily PT and was scheduled for an MRI next Monday.
She has constant neck pain, pain down her arm, numbness in her thumb, headaches

Today while driving home from work, she lost control of bowel and bladder no matter how hard she tried to control it.

We were told by her Doctor to go to the ER immediately for MRI/CAT scan. Just got back and I have some questions.

CAT Scan came back clean
MRI showed fluid buildup from C4-C7, which ER Doc states is probably Congenital and nothing to worry about. States the loss of bowel/bladder control is probably due to a virus....wouldn't the blood tests tell the Doc whether or not there was a virus present in the blood???

We have an appointment with the Neurosurgeon tomorrow for a consult on the results.

Now, during research all the symptoms above(including the bowel/bladder problem) indicate spine damage or trauma.

Please advise if you have any insight into this.

Many thanks!

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