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... Hello az: I found this site about 1 year ago and have been lurking, and maybe it's time to share some of my experience. I had problems similar to yours, but in the other order. I had ACDF surgery about 2 years ago in Feb 04 for problems at C5-C6-C7. I had suffered neck and shoulder pain since 1995, and by Dec of 03 it became severe enough that it was finally diagnosed. ... (4 replies)
... Hi to Everyone :wave: ! It's been about a month since I've checked in. I started PT last week, and am glad for it. I think the muscles in my neck, shoulder, upper back and arm deteriorated, no, atrophiedd over the years, so I appreciate help rehabilitating them. Since the surgery, I'm having fewer neck pains, no foot drop, no problems with weak sphincter control, and my... (0 replies)
... i am Martin from the Netherlands. I underwernt ACDF 6 weeks ago in Germany. ... (12 replies)

Operative report
May 11, 2016
... I have come to the following conclusions (valid for all medical situation): The issue largely appears to be "school of thoughts"; in other words, doctors have "their own" way to view the same problem. This has to do with a number of different reasons, such as their educational backgrounds; surgical/medical "comfort zones"; experience; outcome of surgeries/medical procedures... (7 replies)
Operative report
May 10, 2016
... The ortho looked at my MRI and noticed the cervical myelomalacia. The Neurosurgeon looked at the same MRI and didn't see the same "level" of myelomalacia. I am doing an electromiography of upper extremeties next Tue ... Need to bring results back to neurosurgeon for evaluation. Hopefully, it will give a reason for the issues I have been having with my hands. I went to... (7 replies)
ACDF recovery
Oct 12, 2013
... (5 replies)
ACDF recovery
Oct 11, 2013
... level ACDF seventeen years ago, the surgeon told me that I could wear a SOFT collar "if I wanted to". Never even gave me a hard collar. ... (5 replies)
Acdf c-6-7
Feb 7, 2012
... hi marcia , just picked up the mri report here goes .... at the c6-7 level , a severe central stenosis is seen, due to a small canal developmentally and a moderatley large broad based dorsal bony ridge disc complex, which compresses the cord ,increased signal in the cord suggests associated myelopathy , prominent bilateral unconvertibral spurs are seen ith severe bilateral... (10 replies)
... For a single level ACDF the recovery can often be quicker than that of a 2 or 3 level ACDF. I had a two level and was out of work on Short Term Disability through my employer for 6 weeks. ... (12 replies)
... If you had a two level fusion did it eventualy cause other problems in your neck? ... (8 replies)
... Had to have a spinal block for that operation as I cannot be intubated as a result of my botched ACDF surgery. ... (6 replies)
... If they offer a 2 level surgery. ... (8 replies)
... I had a 3 level ACDF, with some complications. It took about 4 months before I felt good enough to get off the pain meds. I'm hoping that your surgery will go better. ... (6 replies)
... later go back, as soon as a year in some cases, and need a fusion again because the extra stress of the current fusion places on the disks above and below. I am 2 years post op and already have new herniations though minimal in nature. ... (12 replies)
... I am not afraid of the next level as i lost only slight ROM from the first, had a good fusion, etc. I am more afraid that the next level will go bad. I have heard between C7 and T1 has lots more issues. I know each story is unique but any lessons learned out there? ... (2 replies)
... Originally posted this in response to another thread but thought some of this could be relevant to those about to undergo ACDF surgery and want some inspiring results. I was so anxious about my surgery and if this helps anyone feel better, this post has served its purpose. ... (7 replies)
... I've been away from the board for a while because I had the ACDF surgery. ... (10 replies)
... Not Jenny, but I'll put in my two cents here.. I am 5 days post op on a 1 level ACDF with cadaver bone and instrumentation. ... (8 replies)
... My NS moved and I had the hospital fax my surgical records to my primary who gave me a copy today. I had 2 level ACDF a yr ago Oct and everytime I went back to NS he said Fusing and a dark spot on one level but never said I wasnt fusing.I always asked "whats the dark spot? ... (6 replies)
... Do they put a catheter in you for the ACDF procedure? ... (26 replies)

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