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... I am 7 months post op with 2 level acdf, hardwear, donor bone. ... (15 replies)
... Just to provide a competing circumstance -- I had 2 level ACDF (C4/5.C5/6) on February 7. Donor bone and internal plate. No collar, although I wore a soft collar at night for the first few weeks just to minimize inadvertent motion when I slept. I was in hospital about 36 hours. I spent two weeks at home, working remotely. Then caught rides to work for another three weeks,... (3 replies)
... Well, had my first follow up with the Doctor this morning, 5 weeks post ACDF at C4/5 and C5/6, donor bone, Atlantis plate, no collar. Had flexion/extension Xrays, plus normal AP and Lateral. No problems with plate, screws or bone. Not much evidence of fusion yet, but MD says he wouldn't expect a lot of XRay evidence at this point. He cleared me for driving, said I... (2 replies)

... Thanks ember for the well wishes and your good advice to be prepared for more bumps on the road to recovery. That's what makes this such a great community - that people are so willing to share their own experiences so others can learn from them. Best of luck Jeff with your flexion/extension x-rays; I've not heard of those before and am looking forward to learning more... (6 replies)
... 2 level ACDF 5-6-7 with hardware, donor, in June 06. Extremely successful! Horrendous left arm pain gone immediately, left only w some residual numbness in left hand fingers. I could live with that, NS said give it a year. But last weekend left arm pain reappeared for no apparent reason, altho not nearly as bad as before surgery. Any similar experiences?? Thanks (0 replies)
... Glad it turned out OK. I heard that it was a guy who just had a 2 level ACDF and couldn't get a refill of his muscle relaxants . . . . ... (20 replies)
... level acdf I lost about 200ccs i think thats about 6 ounces. I don't think this surgery is a very bloody one and I am sure your surgeon would tell you. ... (16 replies)
... I had 2 level acdf 11/30/06 and this was one of the questions I asked the neurosurgeon. He said that blood loss was so minimal it was not necessary to bank some of my blood. Something catastropic would have to happen to require transfusion. The surgeon inserted a drain during surgery that I had in until the next day. The amount that drained from the incision was minimal. ... (16 replies)
... hello everyone, I had a 2 level acdf w/ instrumentation in May of this year. Everything seems to be going well, except, the last x-ray I had taken (12 weeks post) showed a crack in the doner bone. Has anyone every heard of this? My NS said it will fuse in like the other one. Still having pain in my left arm which should get better over time. Doing PT on my arm at this... (4 replies)
... Merryish - I too have had the pain between my shoulder blades. Sometimes it was like someone poking me in the back with a stick. My NS told me that it is sometimes a side effect (I heard trade-off) of ACDF surgeries (3 levels for me). My physiatrist told me to schedule some therapeutic massage. It took a few sessions, but they got really down deep in the muscle... (6 replies)
... What's realistic can vary depending upon the individual. Everything involves risks, y'know? And that's irrespective of the ACDF. Don't be afraid to speak very candidly with your Dr. I would follow up the "Can I do..." with "and is there an increased risk of injury because of my new neck..." along with "and precisely what type of injury could that be?" Your Dr. may... (6 replies)
... Ingy, I am very lucky to have found a really good surgeon (I had to get rid of the first one). I lived with pain for almost 20 years, gradually getting to the point where I couldn't stand it anymore. I had 2 level ACDF C5-6 and C6-7 with donor bone, BMP and plate in June of 2004. It took about 8 months to really feel normal again. I went through a neck specific PT at 6... (24 replies)
2 level ACDF
Oct 25, 2005
... ACDF 2004 C5-6 and C6-7...don't know the actual numbers, but I would suspect about a 15-20% reduction. I only notice when backing car or trailer. I just turn my upper body to's not a big deal. (9 replies)
2 level ACDF
Oct 22, 2005
... I had ACDF Sept 2004. Your mobility will be limited at first, that's why you don't want to drive a car for awhile, unless you do nothing but go in a straight line. ... (9 replies)
... Hi everyone, Its been a while since I posted, got pretty busy getting on with life! It is 8 months this month after my 2 level acdf (search aznativ posts if you want experience reports). Even if I have problems in the future, I am glad I did it, because I just had 8 great months. I am doing really well, no symptoms returned, a little neck ache or headache here and... (7 replies)
Acdf ?
Feb 4, 2005
... Never had the first problem with my throat after 2 level ACDF with Corpectomy. I woke up with a sore throat but by the time I went home from hospital 24 hours later it was gone. ... (6 replies)
... I had 2 level ACDF on June 30th. ... (6 replies)
... Hang in there Kelly. I am now 3 months out from a 2 level ACDF. It does get better with time. Physical Therapy has really helped. Everynow and then a spasm will sneak up from over doing, but then take a step back. ... (12 replies)
... The NS says I need at least 2 level ACDF and maybe more which he won't know till he's in there. ... (10 replies)
... I had a 4-5-6-7 ACDF and only saw about a 10 % reduction in motion :) Something tells me that over the years it may reduce further, however. (7 replies)

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