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... Hi there. I'm in the process of getting my own 2 level surgery scheduled for I hope around August 1st. ... (11 replies)
... I would consider your surgery to be a 2 level C5-C7. C5-C6 is one and C6-C7 is the 2nd one. I had the same surgery and I only stayed i the hospital one day. (11 replies)
... I had two level ACDF in June 2004. ... (13 replies)

2 level ACDF
Oct 26, 2005
... I'm fused from C4-7 and after physical therapy can turn my head almost normally, certainly don't have any problems driving. However it may take weeks and sometimes months to regain almost normal movement. In my case movement was improved post op because I had so much spasm it was restricting neck movement. Two things I can't do - hold a phone to my ear without hands and... (9 replies)
2 level ACDF
Oct 21, 2005
... Aside from depending on the levels - which one Neurosurgeon told me was about a 3% loss of motion for each level on average and 85% of motion takes place where the skull meets the spine, there is loss of movement forward and back (flexion and extension). I am also told there can be discomfort with the plating against the throat due to scar tissue. I was told there are "anti... (9 replies)
... the first 3 weeks, my neck was weak and head felt too heavy when I took the brace off just to shower and change the dressing. Oh, sorry, I forgot to say I had 3 level fusion with titanium plate and screws. ... (2 replies)
... did not work and also gave me a headache. 2 weeks out I am down to 2 pain pills when I first wake up and that usually holds me the rest of the day. ... (1 replies)
... Deborah is correct, a lot depends on your doctor. I have had 3 surgeries over 9 years by 2 different doctors. ... (7 replies)
... So, I quit taking all pain medications about 2 weeks before surgery and by the time the drugs wore off I was really in pain... guess I still need that surgery! ... (8 replies)
... Chrissy: I just made it to week 3. Actually I felt better the 2 weeks prior to this week - now I have HUGE muscle spasms. They've given me valium and flexeril - but I prefer the valium. Here's a big problem I don't know how to solve......I am a side sleeper. But I've found that after this surgery, while recovering, I feel much better if I sleep on my back. So I have a... (6 replies)
... I worry about my commute to work each day and what impact that will have on me. I drive 2 hours each way, work all day, then drive 2 hours home. I'm actually trying to find another job now while I'm off work. I'm scared of having a relapse. ... (19 replies)
... Leslie, I'm sorry to hear you hurt from head to toe. Are you taking your pain meds consistently? We are all different and our bodies respond differently. This surgery was a big one for us to undertake. If you need your pain meds, don't feel bad about taking them. I refilled my prescription today, as I still find I usually need them first thing in the morning and again at... (19 replies)
... can't believe it is done. I feel so much better. The only annoying thing is the neck swelling and I'm having a tightness in throat. My surgery was a total of 2 hours and I was up and about 5 hours later. The sore throat was the pits but conpared to my 2 years of pain it's nothing. ... (8 replies)
... smoking. I know that is important and I still smoke....Don't judge me, ahhhh. I must quit. I have cut back to 3 a day and plan to go to 2 tomorrow. That's been working out so far, but I'm crabby sometimes due to that I think. ... (21 replies)
... Hope everybodys having a better day!! I've been having a rough couple days but I keep telling myself duh you just had neck surgery!! I think I've been moving my neck around too much. Starting yesterday my neck on the front & back is hurting like I've atrained it. Haven't picked up on anything but I don't think we realize how much we turn & look up & down !! My ns only wanted... (21 replies)
... hing me closely to ensure that I am not over doing it and that I work only what I can handle. In fact when I spoke with work today they figured I would only last 2 hrs the first day. ... (21 replies)
... ne has told me don't rush it back to work. I have only been off 1 week and it is hard not to go back the days I feel pretty good. But I will take at least 1 or 2 more full weeks off and then slowly go back. ... (21 replies)
... Geez, you've had several surgeries. I hope it doesn't come to that for me. I don't know what kind of collar I'll have or how long I'll be in the hospital. I have CICP which is the state indigent care program in Colorado. I was afraid they wouldn't pay for it and I'd have to wait for a settlement from the other drivers insurance company that rear ended us in May but the... (9 replies)
... My insurance allowed 1-2 nights of hospital stay and I opted for the second night. I had a hard Aspen collar for 6 weeks which I thought I'd hate but in fact it was quite comforting and made me feel better about car rides. (9 replies)
... hi kim, i wasnt sure if you knew my history, i had 2 levels done last august, c5/6-6/7 had a awsome recovery!!!!!!!!!! i dont even remember being in any pain!! anyway long story short....................i can tell you more if you have some questions..............i had to go back this august on the 7th because symptoms were returning..............guess what I HAD A CRACK IN... (19 replies)

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