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[QUOTE=dennisgb]How old are you?

Many of the symptoms you describe, aren't nessesarily caused by the c5-6 disk. It can cause pain in the arm, hand, shoulder, chest and neck. But the pain should change with movement if a nerve or nerves are involved.

What can happen is the body tries to "protect" an injured area, and it causes you to position yourself to make the pain less. Over time, if this is not a natural or good position, muscles will spasm, and pinch other nerves. This can be very painful and can cause all sorts of weird symptoms.

I would suggest that you try to determine if the pain is better or worse in different positions. How do you sleep? Is your bed comfortable? Is your body and spine in good sleeping postions?

Have you tried heat or cold on the areas that hurt. Consider that if the neck is causing the problem, the pain starts there and works it's way down to the shoulders, arm and hand. Put heat or cold on the neck first. Have you tried massage?

Pain medications? Aspirin. Ibroprofen.

One thing that always seems easy for people to tell someone is stress can cause a lot of problems. You sound really stressed out. Have you tried relaxation exercises?

I know I might sound goofy, but there is a lot going on with you, and you need to try and pinpoint where the problem is. Let your body tell you, then you will be able to explain better to the doctors what's going on.

I hope that helps a little.[/QUOTE]

Hi^^;; I'm sorry for a late reply, but seriously thanks very much.

I'm 24, but this all started when I was 21 just finishing school.

I don't really know what happened, but something happened to my neck & it stopped moving properly (well stiffened up actually). It was kind of a vulnerable feeling I've never felt before. I don't know but one side of my head & body felt weaker. This followed some heart palpitations I was feeling from time to time prior to that. I thought it was just "panic attack" in the beggining as it followed with some "watery" feeling all over my face -you could see a space or stone in your eye (I've really never had a problem like this prior to anytime in my life, it wasn't too hard in the beggining, but I got really weak over time, mentally, emotionally, physically). Anyway I was given medications of all kinds for this (Anitidepressants, Muscle Relaxants, Mood control) which me feel just downright horrible & tried all kinds of therapy (most done without a real MRI diagnosis) till' early this year.

It does have me out of focus as I do only feel better only in certain positions or when I I walk (It isn't easy to sit for too long anymore).
My chest, arms, neck, & face hurt very often. I've seen a neurosurgeon & an orthopedist who say they can't do nothing (why?), & sent MRI's to a doctor Jho in pennsylvania who said to stick to conservative treatment. I will still try to see another neuro or ortho for help again, but I don't how to approach them (& very tired of this). I really don't know if I'm worrying about this to much or if is really bothering me that this hurts so much & needs help.

The only other diagnosis that was given to me was that I have a thyroid problem (over & under production) & sinusinitus. I feel it around my whole head & around my body, in my back, & back of head.

I heard of a condition called hydrocyphalus/Water on the Brain (Something I saw on a tv report about an individual who had a 15 year long cognitive disablity due to this before he had surgery to finally relieve it). I don't know but I have been feeling a lot of fluid circling my body & head for a long while, & am having some trouble understanding things sometimes, hearing & sensing troubles, & fevers & water swelling up in my ear, neck & face alot (especially worsened with meds) & often feel like I can't "breathe through my face". Sometimes I see "backwards" or watery or dyslexic or something. I don't know what category that would fall under in this board.

Thanks very much!

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