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Hi! I've posted here before, but I have to ask a lotta questions. For three years now I have had severe neck pain. I feel like I tore some ligament at work years ago, back in 2001. It feels as if I have been sliced from my head to my body & have been fighting it ever since.
It really hurts a lot because I can't function properly. The pain radiates to the right side of my face to my arm to my chest & back & my neck especially (that's where the pain is the most. It feels tight around my throat & I feel like I can't breathe). It also aggravates my stomach & skin. I just can't get comfortable & I feel like I'm choking. I feel like there is a piece of lead on the right side of my body & for whatever reason it just won't reflex back to where it belongs. It's working harder or something & I feel out of coordination...& poisoned. the whole right side of my body squeezes up & there's not much I could do but go with the flow. I feel like I can't walk & chew gum at the same time & feel like there's a "space" in my head. My eye seems to go weak for whatever reason. I was told I have an anxiety disorder, but I just can't help but feel something is wrong ( I feel tired a lot). I had 3 Mri's, one of the brain & two of the neck, & two xrays, one of the neck+back & one of the sinuses. The two neck MRI's revealed a c5-6 disc herniation & loss/straightening of the normal lordosis while the rest of the neck spine is ok. The Xray said there was a lordosis curve problem consistant with muscle spasms. The brain Mri said there was a left maxilliary sinus problem, but everything else is fine. I've been to psychiatrist, a neurologist (who said the c5-6 herniation was just a little thing, though it showed two other little things were starting), plenty of doctor visits (one who told I have to be more aggressive, though I'm really tired I've fought enough just getting tests. Another said my thyroids were acting up, slight highs & lows), an ENT specialist (as diagnosed with sinusitus by my doctor, who told me in passing that neurospecialists are fustrating) a neurosurgeon (who said I've exhausted all my options & recommended pain management), an orthopedist (who said he doesn't see anything, see a rheumatologist), a chiropractor (who made a diagnosis that the bone was "subxablated"-collapsed & pinched a nerve, but never actually read my MRI report).
In the end I feel "strangled", kinda tangled all over & pretty depressed. I don' t really know how to go about & help this problem, but I want a normal life back. Does anyone have advice? Is a cervical herniation a small thing to ignore, I mean personally I feel it killing me & has made me weirder eveyday)? What should I do? Should I just move around & let it go away all on it's own? Should I try physical therapy or pain management? What kind of doctor should I see for this, what should I tell them, should I be bringing my mom with me (moral support), or going alone? Am I too young to get surgery if needed (I don't know, I was told surgical procedures on the spine were for older people, but I feel neurologically damaged now '_', Is that true?).
It seems confusing to me? :confused: Does anyone have advice, what should I do? I have healthfirst medicaid,so I can find doctors in the system, or can someone recommend anyone to me? I've tried doctor Jho, but he says conservative treatment ;_;...
Please help, really don't want to go through this anymore thanks!

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