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Pain after ACDF
Sep 16, 2004
How long does the pain last??? My surgery has been now 2weeks ago, my left shoulder/neck and arm are still hurting like crazy. My shoulder on the fusion side, left, is all swelled up and sleeping is close to be a nightmare unless I take my "Happy-pills" They put me on Lortap, Neurontin and Medrol Pack, that puts anybody too sleep :yawn: , anybody who has some feedback please respond, I am thinking of checking with my Doc by Monday if it does not improve. I have posted here before about Horner's syndrome, and the good news is, my eye is actually getting better, so there is hope that it will get back to normal,
Thanks for reading, and please give me feedback on the pain and swelling issue, Thanks,
Re: Pain after ACDF
Sep 17, 2004
What levels did they do ???? At 2 weeks I was still a zombie,afraid to even think I may sneeze,and god forbid I should get a cough,I really mean,I was walking on egg shells.I had surgery Aug 13th,honestly I was beginning to wonder if I was ever gonna feel well again,went on ride with hubby to get new collar like 4 wks into recovery and spent that night in pain and weakness,talk about a set back,trip there was fine,(45 miles) even had a couple beers at a bar and grill,but paid for it in end.Not that you should not bounce it off your Doc, cause he should know,but like Donna said, if nerves have been inflamed for some time the longer it takes to feel well.I was lucky compared to alot of the folks on here,because I had lower back surgery in June, I had a NS, so when my neck went, I only was in unbearable pain for 3 wks,(I can say "only" now, cuz I am out of it,but at the time,it was 3 wks too long!!)and I am still paying the piper if I over do it.And by that , I mean washing a few dishes,sitting to long, standing to long,....try to relax your shoulders and rest,I still catch myself hunching up my shoulders and that in itself causes pain.I hope all is better for you soon keep posting ok, Solar
Re: Pain after ACDF
Sep 28, 2004
Hello, I have a question about pain after surgery..I had my ACDF c5/6 c6/7 with plate and donor bone June 30, 2003 and for months I was pain free...Then about 6 months ago I started having bad pain in my neck and up the back of my head..I went to my ns and he said that my pain was from not doing my neck excercises regularly..Does anyone else have to excercise their neck 2 times a day to keep pain free? It hasn't helped that much...

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