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06/05/2004 I woke up with sharp pain in my left shoulder blade area which progessively got worse. The pain started down my arm and into my hand(no numbness). But the worse pain was in my medial deltoid muscle. After chriropractor, accupunture, steroid packs the doc sent me have mri which showed left posterolateral disc extrusion at C5-C6 with cord contact. I then went to 2 NS both said I need cervical fusion. I chose the one that everyone recommended( nurses,dentists, my chiro,my PT, etc. at least 15 people)I had the surgery on 09/13/2004. Finally, My question is I have numbess below my chin all the way down to my incision.( Is this normal?) My trapezius muscle all the way across the top of both shoulders hurts like crazy. Its really tight and hurts when I am on the computer or just going for my walks. Also it feels like my left shoulder is very unstable like its seperated or something. I also have pain under my left arm that radiates to my chest muscle sometimes.I am 43yrs old. I was very active person before that lifted weights everyday and ran.I had been doing this routine or something similiar for the last 20yrs. I am scared to death I will never be the same. Has anyone else had these symptons?

I had ACDF C5-6 and C6-7 on 06/30/04. I had some numbness that came from the incision area, and a little in my chin.

I also had a pain that started in my shoulder and radiated out the front of my chest. Docs said this was the nerves that were still healing. I am 12 weeks out and still feel the pain in my chest occasionally.

Most of this is/was due to muscle spasms in the neck and shoulders, from the neck brace and from holding the muscles in a position that is not normal (I hold my shoulders up more trying to "protect" myself).

Try ice or heat on the neck and shoulders. Also, I found that Benedril releived the spasms and helped me sleep. Check with your doc before taking this as your meds may react with it.

I also massaged the tight mucles after applying heat.

If the chin doesn't feel better soon, contact your doctor.
I too have had the Numbness along the Scarline and also Pain in that area. I get scared sometimes b/c I think that my Throat is closing up or tightening up and hurts but eventually it does go away. Some days are better than others. My Surgery was 8-03-04 had ACDF C5-C6-C7. My Blades also twinge and ache with movement. I cannot sit long at the Puter at times, but When I take my Pain Meds I feel somewhat better. I also found that taking Aleve helps also with the pain when it is no as Severe. I still am unable to Drive or Work or even go to the Gym. I am hoping soon I can get back to some normality. I hope this helps. Sue :wave:
When I first got my initial pain in my shoulder it was just in my deltoid muscle (on the side). About 2 weeks before surgery I couldnt raise my arm like I had some injury to my joint. I told the NS about that and he said its very possible the nerve that comes from C5 C6 area affects the rotater cuff that is causing this pain. I am 2 weeks post op and I am glad to say that my muscle spasms on top of my shoulders have almost gone away completely since I listened to you guys and iced and applied heat every 20min. But I still have the instabliity in my left shoulder and pain in my left arm when I raise it over my head. Also my under my chin is still numb but I believe that the area is getting smaller. I see my NS on Tuesday, see if he releases me to drive.

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