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After reading other posts where people are already driving around and feeling much better so soon after surgery, I'm starting to worry.
I still feel AWFUL. The muscle spasms have started to slow down, but I still feel extremely weak and feel as though I'm getting worse, not better. I called the nurse and explained my concerns, and she said I would "get laughed out of the emergency room" if I tried to go. I'm just sick of feeling worse every single day. When will this end? I'm walking every day, but the nurse said I shouldn't even be lifting my arms over my head (like to put a shirt on)...and also said it takes three weeks for the anasthetic to wear off...has anyone else heard this?
Again, I'm only 28, in good shape, and I feel like I'm wasting away. My muscles are shrinking by the day and I've lost twenty pounds.

If someone could offer some insight I'd be most appreciative.
Clowngirl, I am 3 weeks post op and I remember I felt terrible at 2 weeks, But it was at that point I remember that weekend was my lowest low, very depressed and angry that I made the wrong decision. But that was the turning point things started getting better. I started going out more, walking more, iciing my shoulders and using heat on my shoulder where the spasms where. Also it was when my NS gave me the green light to start driving if I felt up to it. All that helped me just getting out, I was so gaurded at first with my shoulder all the way up to protect my neck it caused alot of my problems. The more I went out I started to feel more comfortable and relaxed which is helping alot. Dont get me wrong I am still very careful, I dont lift anything over 5lbs. I still have some lingering pain like before, but Im getting better everyday and you will too. If youre like me I was so active and to be sedentary kills you. As soon as you feel like getting around I think you will start feeling better. At 2 weeks I know I felt worse than before the surgery. I hope this helps, I am just telling you how it was for me, Im going to post each week cause Im keeping a personal log of my condition so I can see improvent each week.
I know how both of you feel. I am now 4 weeks post op and this past week has been a turn around for me. The spasms in my shoulder are not anything like they were before and mine started at 10 days after surgery. I wasn't prepared for the set back. I had no idea that nerves and muscle spasms could knock me off my feet (literally). I was also very emotional during this time too.

Can you go in for physical therapy for heat and light massage? It helped me so much, not only did it get me out of the house (I was very guarded too), but the therapists have really helped me in so many ways. What I was going through was normal, they told me to walk, apply heat and ice (I swear I lived on my heating pad). More importantly I think it's because they understood how I felt and were willing to help me.

Try not to get to down, I felt like I was being a baby because I was not getting better, I think it is God's way of telling us who are very active to slow down and listen to our bodies.

Take care. We seem to all be within a couple weeks post op, I will keep in touch as well to see how both of you are doing and keep you up on my progress.
no you wont get laughed at the emergancy room, if you are taking your meds, and they are still not working go there and get releif now

i cheated my first month after surgery, saw my remotologist every monday that gave me super duper pain shots which i would have not made it through that after a double level fusion wtihout them

my surgeon did a great job on surgery but horrid on pain managment and reconzing severe inflmation with arthtius issues

by month two i was doing somewhat better and lots better by month three
as far as so soon after surgery yea three weeks was hating everyone, and very emotional, sure level of pain, was not something i ever imgined

take your meds if they prescribed, continue to eat soft foods for a bit if cannot sleep rest in easy chair, do what you can do and don't worry bout anything or anyone else, if they didn't give you good meds, call your gp and get some pain meds from them!

it does get better but over time

contiued good wishes for you that the issues lessen in time !!!!!!!!
Hi there, I have to agree with the rest of them, you need to give it time, I was also all freaked out after two weeks and in horrible pain, I am now 4 weeks post-op and still numb from chin to suture line(6" half around my neck), I had an ACDF c6-c7 (2nd fusion after 4 years). I also was post-op diagnosed with rotator cuff tendinitis and tendinosis, bone spurs, and will need to undergo more surgery. I don't want to scare you , just take it easy and take your meds, my neck is healing little by little but it does get better, so gentle hugs and take care okay, you need to relax. Martina
Yep I am 8 wks post-op and remember 1st few weeks all to well, they were horrid in the sense that I came out of surgery thinking, I am done with this, but like all surgery's it leaves ya washed out, tired weak, hey honestly I was shocked on how week my arm muscles were, but believe this too, it gets better, just take it easy, and take your time,Diana,p.s Zoey ya hit that right on head,anger and depression comes along with this,its an emotional as well as pain roller coaster>
Molly, Let me know when you start getting feeling back in chin area. Jerry
I hit an all-time low my second week, going into the third. I thought I should have been doing better, but the depression passed. I remember writing about it here and others were feeling the same way. I cried ... I was depressed. My husband would come home from work and I'd feel so helpless not to be doing what I thought I should be doing. Of course, if you do stuff you're not supposed to, well, ya hurt. This feeling should pass ... just take a deep breath and soon a few days will go by and you'll be feeling better and doing more.

About the chin numbness ... I still have a little bit of that, but it's better. I had a c-section delivery 6 years ago and still have numbness from that incision, too. That makes me feel a little more normal about the chin [under]numbness.
Just to let you know clowngrrl, today was a bad day for me. It was the worst day Ive had for a week. Lots of spasms in my neck and shoulder area. I did to many neck turns yesterday and Im paying for it tonight. I had to take a pain pill and Im ok now. I just have to learn to go easy at this. Your not alone.
Many thanks to everyone for their insight...
Things are still getting worse for me. I'm not really in a lot of pain, but I'm having muscle twitches in my legs and feet, which worries me because walking is even becoming difficult. My left arm is spasming so badly that it's hard to hold the remote control. Doc says that if I lose complete use of a limb, then I should come in. I'm worried that I'm going paralyzed and nobody is taking this seriously. My wife thinks it's anxiety. The neuro says that none of the tests would explain the leg twitches and wants to take fluid out of my spine after I recover from the ACDF. I'm at a loss. Many of you said your second week of recovery was the worst, and I'm trying to stay positive, but there has to be one day when I wake up feeling better, not worse.
I think all health care providers should be required to have the surgery in order to work in that field, then they would be more understanding to what people really go through in these situations! ( Of course I know this is not possible, but it would help) Then see how many of them make rude comments like they did to you!!

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