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I have been having muscle spasms in my neck that hurt sometimes. The doctor said I have a muscle strain in my neck. I've also been having this on and off feeling of facial numbness and pins and needles on just the left side of my face mostly on the cheek area.

I have been very stressed lately. Do you think the numbness can be due to stress since it is on and off or is it more likely that it could be somehow related to my neck pain. I noticed that numbness increases more when I turn my head to the left or put my head down. Could this all just be in my head or is it something I should be concerned about?

Finally I've been taking a muscle relaxer. Could this have something do with the numbness? Thanks.
[QUOTE=lynns]no, its not all in your head. call your primary and tell them the sittuation and see what he says. i can say when i turn my head or back a direction parts of my body as well as face go numb. i would recommend calling doc
That's what I thought but I went to a few doctors and they all just tell me it's a muscle strain. No one wants to give me an MRI or anything like that because my only symptom is neck pain and on and off numbness in my face.

It sucks.
well ill tell you from very good experiance back in november of 2003 i went to hospital because i couldnt move my neck,arm on right and leg was like led. they did no x-rays and said it was a wry neck(crink from sleeping wrong) well took their meds and was back at er 2 days later because it was making complete back have severe spasms. and they took x-ray and said had spinal cord injury. i will say if they would have been more understanding and would have looked into my pain they would have found out then all my problems, instead i suffered almost a year because of their stupidness. so again dont let this pain be ignored go to er if have to and dont leave untill get mri or something besides a lame excuse that you know is wrong.
hi neuro
i had acdf w/donor bone and plate on may 6 th 2004 and im still in pain and have a new problem that i thought would go away but it has not i also have numbness on the left side of my face and neck pain and a headache like feeling in the back of my neck i have been complaining to the neurosurgueon since the surgury but he said its a normal healing process that the nerves are angry so iwent to my pcp and he sent me for a new mri and it shows a pinched spinal cord and he is sending me to a new neurosurgeon so i ll let u know what he says about the numbness next appt
bob :wave:

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