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I have read how a number of you experienced major spasms post acdf. I have had chest and shoulder/back muscle spasms prior to surgery but 11 months after surgery was pretty good till last weekend. It was a slow process through difficulty placing my head when sleeping through to last night being the worst, that is all pulled up in the neck and shoulders like a marionette so that breathing was difficult.

I have not had thissince presurgery and today went to the chiro who reaffirmed this is the post op bunk that I am now dealing with. Between trying to reintegrate into some type of new occupation, to trying to mop my own floor because my niece cannot clean anymore, I have been overtaxing myself .

THE BIG QUESTION: did many of you get these humungus spasms... I took two Torodal (muscles relaxant) and now a Robixacet and I am still pretty tied up. The pain was so intense I was ready to go to Emergency but remembered I had Torodal and finally the 2nd kicked in. I would appreciate any input as I was quite alarmed at the severity of the spasm - like a heart attack but I knew it wasnt. My chiro wonders if my bulging adjacent disc is not acting up again... I wish they had just taken out both..

Thanks folks.
Soft hugals and so sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!

dont mop get a swifter not hard to use just spray squirt, whipe

2 suggestions for horrid muscle spams, i still have them 4 months post op
not all the time though thank goodness

1 old style Methocarsamol (robaxin) and alternate skelaxion though the skelaxion doesn't seem like taken anything i can certainly tell when i havent

when they "blow me over with pain too" lay down on foor, not bed

alternate heat (heating pad) and ice pack
Thanks Zoey.. Took the Robiaxcet *Robaxin which is letting me sleep a little . Is there another name for Skelaxion. :confused: I am in Canada so wondering is that a prescription or an over the counter. I had Flexeril (muscle relaxant) last year pre surgery and they knock me out .. they look like a house shape.

Anyway, I need something that works w/o knocking me down for the count as I have to function. I can definitely rest for the day as not working but you know the family stuff gets you pretty scheduled so I don't want to be asleep at the wheel. :yawn:

Thanks :angel: or the kind words and the instruction... this one was a toughie and it certainly has greater longevity to its bite than what I have had to deal with in the past.

Nearly nuts.. I mean "new" Nero :wave:
Skelaxin brand name

does your doc give samples? its expensive here and only way i can get it is cause doc is overly generous with samples

i had a few other thoughts on sleeping low dose amitripteline ( anti depressant) it helps with pain issues, itching too! and anti anxiety low dose

that might aid you in dealing with the super duper pain hits

it takes so much out of you when dealing with obnoxious pain any way to relieve even just a bit or another direction helps

also i respond to u cause of sure empathy sharing so many of the same experainces ( soft gentle hugs)
Nero -

I recently had to get a prescription to relax my shoulder/neck muscles b/c it was causing such severe headaches. I had been taking entirely too many ibuprofen (stomach issues) and doc wanted me to try something else. She prescribed an anti-depressant (like Zoey mentioned) to calm my muscles! I was very surprised! It did the trick the very first night I took it ... but I must have been allergic or something to the pill b/c it wired me for days. But hey! No headache! lol I believe the name was Trofanel.

Zoey had some good advice. The biggest muscle spasm that I get that comes on like gangbusters in in my neck/throat area and it usually happens while yawning. Wow. When it lets go my head shakes. Sometimes I wonder if it is going to let go at all. It's paralyzing. I can't imagine that same feeling in the areas you are talking about.

Once again, though, if I experience something anywhere near to what you are experiencing, I will know it is normal. Frightful, awful to deal with, but on the normal side. Unfortunately!

Good luck!


P.S. My doc gave me a sample of Skelaxin. I'll go look to see if it has any other names on it.
Thanks sweetie.... for the kind words.. Took another Torodal and 1/4 percocet to rid the pain as migraine starting... seems to have worked.

You are right about amitryppline as I was on that when first had fall and herniated. The only thing is I get the major late night hungries from the low blood sugar it causes and the side affect of roseace when on it for more than a year which I was.. I may have to go back on though and live with that side affect (s) because it may dramatically offset the intensity of the spasm.

Pretty intimidating bunk to deal with ..... BUT STILL BETTER THAN PRESURGERY PAIN.

Thanks my dear.
I'm at roghly 7 months and I'm still geting them too. I find, in my case, that it also flares up my carpal tunnel when things tighten up. I take Norflex for them, and it helps a bit. I used to take Flexeril, but it didn't do much.

Years ago, I used to take Amitriptyline for headaches, and it did pretty good. I never considered it for muscle pain. I did gain about 20 #s on it, as that is a common side effect. I have a few laying around, so I might have to give it a try again. Way I see it, I'll get fat from sitting around from being sore, just as well as from taking the pills, so...6 of one, half dozzen of another.
Metaxalone is the generic name foe skelaxin...I was given a sample of this years ago and had a "reaction" (severe itchiness) so don't take it anymore.

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