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I was wondering if anybody could give me some info and hopefully some advice on what to do now.
I had an accident springboard diving 19 months ago and when in hospital, MRI scans showed an L5 pars defect (probably something that i'd had for ages, but never had any symptoms). I was told about this defect a couple of months after, but i was never given any information about it other than i had two fractures in my back and if it still hurt in a year they would operate to sort it out. Well 19 months of physio and hydrotherapy down the line, having gone through some semi-good and some really-bad phases, i ended up back in hospital. After a week and a few more scans i saw the surgeon again. He said that the operation carried a lot of risks and as i still have 'semi-good' phases, it would'nt be worth the risk!!!
I was furious at the time (and still am) because i feel i've been strung along for the last 19 months, expecting to get back to full competitive sport, and someone has just pulled the plug on my life. The surgeon said he'd operate if and when the 'semi-good phases' are few and far between, but until then i had to get used to my new life as this is was its going to be like! I still cant believe it, it's a bit of a shock when they turn around and say that they cant help... but the hospital put the cherry on the cake yesterday when they decided to end my weekly physio as it did'nt appear to be of much benefit! I've been referred to a 'pain team', and a psychiatrist (?????) to help me deal with accepting my new way of life!
I've had cortisone injections in the defects about a month ago but it didnt seem to help. I'm seeing the surgeon again in november but as his only other option was an operation, and he doesnt feel it would help, i know it's going to be a waste of time.
There must be something that can be done to help. I can only sit and walk for short periods of time, and sometimes cant sit at all, and during a bad phase i get really bad leg pain and am housebound (mainly bed-bound). Is my pain likely to settle over time? Are there certain things i should avoid doing to prevent a bad-phase getting really bad? Are there any other ways of treating this?
Most of all though i need some advice on what to do with the rest of my life! I've been told that i can't have a job that involves prolonged sitting or standing, or any manual work. Having just graduated with a sports studies degree, it appears useless. Sport has always been my life, and getting used to the idea that i'll not be able to do any again is not easy, but what job can i get now??!!
Does anyone who is in my situation have a job, or got any ideas of what i could do for a living.
Any info on my condition and what i can do to help it would be really appreciated too... what does my life have in store for me?

please help, sabrina x

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