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Hi Blessed,

I like your screen name. I was diagnosed with degenerative disc desease in my neck about 10 years ago. I had the symptoms for a total of 20 years. I donít have osteo arthritis, but had bone spurs pressing on nerves at levels C5-6 and C6-7. I had ACDF surgery with donor bone and titanium plate on 06/30/04. I am doing really well now.

My symptoms were similar to yours, with popping, clicking and grinding. Pain in shoulder, chest, arm, hand and fingers. The feet and bowel problems probably arenít from your neck (they could be, but most likely not). Do you have lower back pain also? Many people with degenerative disc desease also have lower back problems. I have a bad disc at S1/L5 (I think thatís right). It causes bowel problems pain in leg and foot numbness.

As far as other possible approaches, I went to Chiro for about 6 years for my neck. He was able to relieve the pain. Eventually this didnít work anymore. I had steroid shots in my neck. This worked for about a month. This might help with the headaches for a short period.

MRi results tell the tale. Docs will then decide best approach. My gut tells me you will need ACDF at some point

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