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I am a 37 year old female with lower, mid (muscles on both sides of spine), upper back pain (across shoulder blade area) and neck pain. The pain is miserable. MRI report shows disc bulge and desiccation at L3-S1, and Anterior annular fissure at L5-S1. It also says, "syrinx present in upper thoracic cord from level T4 down to upper part of T6. Measures 4.2cm craniocaudal (up/down I gathered), and anteroposterior and transverse dimensions approx. 6-7mm. Slight associated expansion of thoracic cord at this level."

Regarding the syrinx, I'm not sure how I got it. Since I have it, do I automatically have syringomyelia? I meet with the neurosurgeon next week. But in my research I've only seen one measurement used by patients in discussion, and am not sure which that direction is. I wonder how my size compares to anyone else. I've had some other symptoms like electric shocks, but I'm also wondering if the following conditions I have could relate to the syrinx.

About 2 years ago I began having chest pain in a small location around the sternum/chest/breastbone area. Even today, it feels like a heart attack with a twisting feeling and sharp pain and comes on suddenly. It occurs for a few hours every few days. It increased in frequency around Spring 2004. My doctor says it is Fibromyalgia, though I am not convinced.

Other history includes migraine and tension headaches (that usually start at the neck) for over 20 years, cured only by fioricet or zomig. My head pulsates almost every time I put it down on my pillow. My shoulders are always so tight, neck is tight, and often I feel like I can’t hold my head up. I could get a massage every day and it wouldn’t be enough. Getting my hair washed in a salon is brutal and for some reason my neck won’t stretch that way.

I know so little about this recent "situation" and am anxious to hear feedback from others. ANY feedback would be appreciated.

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