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Hi! I had ACDF with plating of one level back in February. I was also a very nervous mommy!!!! I think I read every post in the archives on this board. My surgery went well and I felt great right after surgery - no pain, not even a sore throat. I slept in my own bed with no problem from day 1 but I didn't have to wear a collar, so I don't know if that makes a difference comfort-wise.

I was not prepared for how weak my arms were after surgery. I was pretty much stuck in bed for a full month before my surgery and was really deconditioned. Make sure you buy SMALL containers of milk, detergent, etc... for the first few months. (With three small children, that was a change for us).

I was not prepared for a recurrence of my pain about two weeks after surgery. I later found out my surgeon had injected cortisone during the surgery and my pain was probably when it was wearing off. It was a real shock and it took many months to resolve completely. This pain came right about the time many people, including myself, suffer a bout of postsurgical depression. I wish my doctor had warned me about this.

My biggest piece of advice would be to get as much help with your kids as possible for the first few weeks. You really need to rest and think about your own needs for a little while. The recovery process varies so much with this surgery - my mom had it and bounced right back. For me it was six months before I really started to feel anything close to normal, but it was worth it because I got my life back.

I hope everything goes well for you! Keep us posted.


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