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My name is Dianne and I just found your thread today. I had a C5-6 ACDF (with donor bone and hardware) performed on 2-28-05. I was so happy to hear good results from the people posted here. Many of the outcomes were not so wonderful and I was very frightened before my procedure.

I too had suffered from intense left neck, arm, and shoulder pain before surgery and have been so pleased that the level of discomfort has been greatly diminished over the past 2 weeks.

I noted that someone wrote about their voice changing...did anyone experience a sore throat (long duration) and a large area of residual numbness anterior to the incision. I have an area about 4x5 inches (anterior to the incision site extending to the lower jaw and the anterior 2/3 of my tongue) that is numb (similar to after a deadening shot at the dentist),yet has an uncomfortable nerve zinger every once in a while. The deadened area that crosses over my throat has me feeling a bit choaked and that is what is causing me a bit of anxiety.

Everything else from the surgery has gone wonderfully. I returned to work today (2 weeks to the day). I am stiff and just a bit uncomfortable because of the numb throat.

Any advice?

Thank you, Dianne (in my late 30s also)

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