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3 Weeks down.

I would probably say I am the same as last week.

I have been doing more though. Today I spent all day at 'baby class' and watched one of those fantastic videos! I think it affected my wife more then me......

My pain is intermittent throughout the day in my left shoudler and slightly in my arm. Generally controlled just by panadol which is great.

I am getting a bad rash from my philly collar which is annoying. I have my NS appointment in 1.5 weeks so look forward to some good news hopefully!

Throat is fully recovered. No weakness or pins and needles in arms.

I do get some muscle twitches and spasms in my left arm but nothing too much.

Anyway I shall report back in a week.

All the Best
Well 6 weeks down for me. I got to say last week was great. Not alot of pain. Its only been the last 2 days where I have had a bit of pain in my left shoulder and upper arm. Very happy. Went for a long walk yesterday...about 4klm which is good for me. It cracks me up what little kids do when they see me in the collar.

Have decided to continue to wear the hard collar as much as possible. The news on my last visit of no fusion ( yes i know it was only 4.5 weeks) scared me enough to give this thing as much chance to fuse as possible. I couldnt quite imagine being told I had to have another op when I am feeling fine LOL the irony........

When I had my last appt the doc said I was still holding my head to the right and my left shoudler was higher. I had no idea I did it but he said he noticed it the first day I walked in. Anyway he said we will worry about that later.........Not sure what he means by that. :LOL:

Wearing the collar means its going to make it hard over Christams, plus the little one arriving in Feb. I had alot of plans and things to get ready but I think the bub will understand :P

Well all have a Happy Christmas and I shall post in the New Year on my progress.

All the Best

PS Robzz all the best for Jan on your arrival

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