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Hmm where does one start.......

Operation: ACDF C6/C7 No Hardware, my own bone. Philly Collar 24/7

My Diary

[B]Day before Op:[/B] Got a call from Dr to say that the hospital had a bed issue and instead of going in the night before could I go in on the day of the surgery as mine wasnt scheduled till late in the day. No prob as I live nearby. My wife was very happy!

[B]Day of Op[/B]

Got into hospital at 11am with a room to myself which was great. My room had a great view of Botany Bay in Sydney where I live. I got measured up for my collar and tried one on. Visited by the doctor who was assisting the neuro and the anasthe...(the drug guy). Getting pretty nervous at that stage.

Got taken to surgery at 6pm.

Woke up in recovery and everything seemed to be ok. I was pleased I could move everything :)

[B] Day One[/B]

Convinced some nurses enjoy inflicting pain :p At about 5am I was asked if I had 'passed water' during the night. Heck I didnt even know where I was half the time, I wasnt even thinking of having a pee. All I was interested in was pressing that button on the drug machine....mmmmmmmm. She says why dont you stand up that may help! :eek: Then she says those magic words. ' You know if you dont pee I will have to put a catheter in. Oh great just what I need about performance anxiety. I had a better chance of doing a lap of the ward at that stage then peeing. No chance and she whacked that thing in. :eek:

I felt great. Apart from the intense pain in my hip my neck felt great and I couldnt feel any pain in my arm. I knew from reading alot of posts that this is quite normal and only the start of the recovery procedure. I thought man if I felt this great now how would I feel when I got home! (lol how the drugs make you think strange things:p) I seemed to have forgotten all the posts around the 7 day mark :)

Day one symptoms
Arm: Good, Neck: Good, : Hip: Very Sore, Throat: Sore, Voice: Only slight weakness. I was really worried about having probs with voice. Felt quite nauseous and couldnt eat. Just drank alot of water and juice.

Had my drains and IV removed midday. Physio took me for a very short walk.

Had a follow up xray during the day to make sure bone was positioned correctly. All ok.

[B] Day Two [/B]

No IV Pain relief, back to tablets. Digesic. Felling ok. Hip very sore. Noticed some burning pain in my shoulders and small amount in my arm.

Doctor visited and asked about pain. Mentioned I was starting to feel a bit of pain in shoulders and arm. It was not the constant intense pain but more a burning. No weakness or numbness.

Doctor asked the nurse if they were removing my catheter. Oh no it has to be in for minmum 48hrs. He looked at me and said ' I think you should remove it' Nurse looks at me and says 'Well you better pee cause we dont want to put it back in'...oh yeah sure you dont :p

Catheter out, pee'd within 60sec. Woohoo!

[B]Day Three [/B]

We'll feelin a little sore today. When I got into bed last night I had a bit of a click from my upper back. I think I have strained something. The problem with having this collar on is you adjust your body position and sleeping. I'm sure I have caused some additional pain now in my shoulders and back because of the collar.

Bit bummed. Feeling a bit sore. One thing that always really hurt before the op was when I sneezed. I was siitin there and could feel a sneeze coming on. Wham! no pain :bouncing:

[B] Day Four [/B]

Actually slept well. About 6 hrs sleep :)

Am now sitting at home. Doctor didnt see me again before I left so I didnt get to ask my list of questions I have. I have to see him in 4 weeks time. I see my local doc next week.

Both shoulders are a bit sore. Upper arm pain. No pain in fingers. Throat almost back to 100%. No problem with swallowing or voice. Incision is fine.

Taking panadol for pain and will take digesic when it gets bad.

Collar is really annoying and causing redness and blisters. I know they say 24/7 but I will have to remove the forward part every 3 days to at least shave and wipe with a cloth. Nurse said it would be ok as long as I kept my head really still.

I'm feeling a bit bummed at the moment. Was hoping I woudlnt be experiencing and pain in arms. It isnt what its like when its really bad. Just dull pain. Hoping its just the nerves mending and nothing permanent.

Anyway that was a long read. Hopefully not too boring :)

[B] 38 Days till collar comes off.[/B]

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