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Hey Craw,

you lucked out as my chiro sounds like your physio guy. Integral to your own recovery is the ability to help yourself, ie. undertand just about as much as you can about the physiology of your body and what movements though sometimes painful are good pain tantamount to feeling better. I don't get out of bed without three lumbar movements of stretching open my spine, then I massage the low tummy muscles that get all tight guarding lumbar discs. and from there I sit on edge of bed and open up my shoulders and rib cage with an arm and shoulder/upper back stretch that feels great. Then if still half asleep i fall against the wall and holding my low back sacra iliac and the vertebrae transcending my low spine I slowly do a three kick back movement with each leg. This now takes me about a total of three to five minutes and sets my low back and neck up for the day so I can get on with my life. I treadmill 2 - 4 miles a day in two sessions generally and do resistance (air only) arm movements while walking on treadmill. I eat high energy power bars, juice a lot, high protein, glucosamine supplements and a nice glass of wine with dinner once in awhile.

I am one year and 3 months post op acdf plate own bone c5-6 and 9 months microdiskectomy l5 s1. I still have a bulge in c6-7 that flares up with too much activity and can be very painful but when it ceases I am a 6 out 10 and after living four years with incredible pain from spinal cord compression "life is pretty darn good". I just pray I don't have to have the bulge operated on but if it gets bad I am not afraid to do it,

You know what ..its amazing when you have the right people/profe's in your life to explain things it helps you gain an understanding that your plight is livable and tolerable even if its a roller coaster sometimes. I do have my Tylen 3 and Percocet, Amitrypylline and Torodal for the really rough moments but there is no one who can help me LIKE ME.

SO after much dissertation as noted go buddy and listen to only the best advice and IT CAN GET BETTER....after all this is mechanical...although it seems like a sentence just have to learn to live with it and control what part of it, is controlable by you.

ALL THE BEST... keep inspiring us with YOUR GOOD NEWS :bouncing:

Nero :wave:

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