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Hi gjzhoff,I had laminectomy done on L4-5,June 7th,I had lower back problems for years,then last April it reared its ugly head and refused to get better,I actually lost control of my bladder,you know,like sitting on the potty, running water, thinking positive,bladder hurting cuz it needed to go potty,then on other occations I would have to run to the bathroom,plus the wonderful lower back pain,I could not stand in any one place very long without it feeling like my back was gonna snap :rolleyes: , so as soon as school let out for summer break , I went in for surgery,it took 3 1/2 hrs in surgery, the NS shaved alot of bone off, I stayed 4 days in the hospital,I will not sugar coat this, it was a painfull process to heal,but I did, and it was great.Tip....Put a plastic garbage bag on the car seat, so when you sit you can slide your bottom around to position yourself,and take it easy!!!! :nono: Do not resume activities too soon, even if you do feel well enough,I think that is why my neck went on me,I had the fusion done on C6-7 Aug 13th,and the NS left C5-6 alone cuz he said it would be too much for me, I question that now,but oh well.Anyway, I had no choice about the cervical surgery,when those disks went , they went big time, for 3 weeks I could not lay flat, sleep, eat , hell nothing, the pain was crazy,otherwise, I think I would of given myself more time inbetween the two surgeries,so if you can gap them a bit more , then I would, pick your enemy,which is giving the biggest problem?I say this, because, after the cervical surgery,I was put in this Hard collar for 11 weeks , and I flared up my lower back from what I believe was twisting at the waist to talk and see people,I am praying that once this collar is off completely my lower back will reheal.Do you have alot of help on the home front? If you have any more questions feel free to ask, I hope I was of some help too you,I will keep my eye open for any more posts,Take care Diana :)

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