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I hope you find out what you need to know to feel good/ok about your upcoming procedure. I don't have any experience, yet, since I'll be having a 1 level acdf, probably next week, with plate and screws (ns says instr. required because i'm a smoker, yet another, albeit not anticipated, reason for not smoking!)Anyway, good luck with your surgery.
I really appreciate the many people here who share their very positive outcomes. People like Shirl and Dennis, bless you! I'm just hoping that surgery will improve a lot of my symptoms, and take my spinal cord out of harm's way, of course. I've been "adapting" to a lot of unpleasant physical stuff for a few years now, not to mention vacillating at times between self doubt (am i a hypochondriac?) to just knowing something was off and that I should trust myself! I believe there's been some grace going on, and my surgery is coming just at the right time. I'm grateful this was discovered before it became an emergency, but it's sure been an uphill battle with the doctors.
Good luck, and keep us posted.


I appreciate your kind words, however, I try to give back what I received here prior to my surgery and the support I have gotten afterwards.

Ditch the self doubt, if your body is in's in pain. This stuff can mask itself and make you feel at times like it's really not there, but I can attest to the pain that becomes so bad that you can't do much of anything. Take a look at your MRI, when I saw mine, I was in shock at first. Surgeon said "It hurts me just to look at this."

The one thing that I am so thankful for after surgery, is not having that overall dull pain, that you can't explain, but makes you feel ill. I used to feel sick from that pain. The sharp pains, you can describe and locate...that dull overall stuff...who knows. Towards the end (prior to surgery), I could sit for only a few minutes. I could stand for only a few minutes. I could walk for only a little distance. I couldn't sleep. I was moving all the time...awake, trying to sleep, working. You could never find a place where you felt comfortable.

I lived with this for 20 years, all be it not terrible until the last two. I am glad to be feeling 20 years younger.

BTW, I smoked for many years. I quit in 1995 for 5 1/2 years. Started again in 2001. Quit again 8 weeks before my surgery. I haven't had a cigarette since May 1st. I used the surgery and docs telling me I would heal better as "leverage" to stop again.

"It's easy to quit smoking, I've done it a hundred times."

[I]Mark Twain[/I]

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