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After my two level surgery (with my own bone from the hip) they gave me a cane in the hospital to use. I used this for approximately 3 weeks for support when walking outside. I also found it very useful and helpful when first getting up for support.

My recliner was a god send for the first two weeks I slept in it and did not sleep in my bed. So it should not be a problem. It was recommended to me that I buy one before my surgery and I did - best preparation I did before surgery.

I agree with the bendy straws and soft food. I also found lots of pillows (staggered) for when I did lay down in bed to support my back and neck.

Also, if you can get extra pads for the hard neckbrace (I had a Miami J brace) and the pads came off for cleaning. I found the brace tended to catch a lot of droppings when eating and got pretty dirty.

Good luck with your surgery and remember during recovery you will have good days and bad days but remember a positive attitude will help you overcome all of the bad days and you will be well on your way to recovery and pain free in no time.

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