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I want to start off by saying WOW! I received my MRI results today after having an automobile accident on 12/10 this year. I am a little nervious about the results and was uncertain as to what I should do next. So, I have spent several hours today researching and reading about a years worth of post and you people have given me alot of insight on what I have to look forward to (whether I wanted to realize it or not.) I now have alot of questions for my Doctor and I think I even know what to ask.

This is what I have been experiencing since the accident:

Neck, shoulder and left arm pain and weakness in my left arm.

Lower back pain with pain, pins and needle feeling down my right leg all the way to the heal of my foot.

I started immediately seeing my chiropractor who did xrays and said that my cervical spine was straight and several vertabrea where out of alignment.

He started therapy immediately. Unfortunetly, I felt like I was getting worse instead of better and he referred me to a physical medicine doctor who ordered the MRI's of my Cervical and Lumbar Spine.

Here is what the results are.

Cervical Spine
Broad-based moderate size posterior disc protursion at C5-6 that is asymmetrically prominent in the left posterolateral region and results in moderate central canal stenosis with concave deformity of the ventral aspect of the spinal cord, but no abnormal intrinsic signal within the spinal cord. This also results in slight narrowing of the entrance to the neural forminal canal on the left at c5-6.

Lumbar Spine
Minor early facet arthrosis bilaterally at l3-4, l4-5, and l5-s1; Otherwise, unremarkable MRI of the lumbar spine.

What I have read about today has told me that the facet arthrosis should not be causing pain past my knee, which leads me to believe that the leg pain is probably coming from the concave deformity of the ventral aspect of the spinal cord. Which makes me really nervious to go back to the chiropractor for adjustments on my neck!

I await any responses!


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