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Hi All, First thing i want to do is to express how very greatful i am for all the info, advice and most of all the encouragement and compassion you have all
given me!!!! It means sooooo much to me, for i feel so alone and discouraged.

Basically i have only seen my General Practitioner and my Neurosurgeon. I was also being seen at one point by a Chiropractor for my neck. I also suffer from chronic back pain, the neurosurgeon consulted on my back as well and told me that it was inoperable at that point. My GP decided that i should have a second opinion on my back (this was all taking place after my neck surgery) so off i went to see another neurosurgeon. While i was there i expressed to him about the excruciating pain that i suffer everyday in my neck and asked him if he would consult and give me a second opinion on my neck. Well he wouldnt here of it, he said to me and i quote " YOU NEED TO GO BACK TO THE DOCTOR WHO CUT YOU." Needless to say, he wasnt much help when it came to my back either. So I went to physical on my back only for a few weeks up until i had my neck surgery and havent ever went back. It didnt really help much anyways.

So right now i am currently seeking out a good pain clinic. I guess i will try to get my pain under control and then i will find a good doctor to get a second opinion.

What really gets me and if anyone here has some info i would love to hear it...... Ok, i called the hospital today and had them fax me a copy of my CT scan and here is what it says:

Discectomies and anterior fusions have been performed at C4-5 and C5-6. Prosthetic cages inserted into the C4-5 and C5-6 disc spaces appear to be in proper position. Sagittal reformations show straightening of the lordotic curvature, although no spondylolisthesis or facet subluxation. Bony spurring related to uncovertebral joint degeneration at C4-5 and C5-6 is causing some bony encroachment on the left neural foramen. Foraminal narrowing is more pronounced at the C4-5 level. No central spinal stenosis is appreciated, nor are there any obvious cervical disc herniations by this imaging technique.

1) Prior discectomy and anterior fusion of C4-5 and C5-6.

2) Bony encroachment on the left C4-5 and C5-6 neural foramen secondary to uncovertebral joint degeneration.

So to anyone who may know, my questions are:

1) How significant is the fact about the Sagittal reformations showing straightening of the lordotic curvature and the pain that this would cause if any?

2) Also with the bone spurring related to uncovertebral joint degeneration at both levels causing bony encroachment on the left neural foramin AND also the Foraminal narrowing being more pronounced at the C4-5 level, what EXACTLY does this mean and WHY is everything that showed up that is WRONG happen to be at the levels that i had the surgery? Is it common to have all these problems after surgery? By me having the surgery make me more prone to have these things go wrong?

Also, just another piece of info.... After the NS did my surgery he told me that i had SEVERE OSTEOPOROSIS and that i needed to talk to my GP about it and have him follow up with it by prescribing osteo meds. Well my GP ordered a bone density scan and the results came back that i didnt have osteoporosis at all!!!! So i asked my GP how this could happen, seeing that the NS actually visualized my bones and worked with them and my surgery taking alot longer than it should have because the NS said that my bones were sooooo extremely soft that he had to be careful and delicate as to not strip the screws when he put them in, the only answer i got from my GP was that " well, you may just have localized osteoporosis just in your neck". Whatever!!!!! I am sooooo confused right now. Please, can anyone help me to understand???? I truely apologize for this extremely long post, i just have so many unanswered questions and i also realy needed to vent! Thank you all for listening.

Peace and Love, Wendy

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