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Lynn: I found out 8 months post op from C5-7 ACDF that 5-6 did not fuse and was very evident on the x-ray and 6-7 did fuse but the neuro says that they are not straight. Both docs told me that posterior was the way they would fix this problem and the hip bone graft was necessary. This bone graft is NOT like the one they do for ACDF according to the doc's. Just a small amount of bone is scraped off the hip so the healing and pain is not nearly as bad as the iliac crest one. I am just so scared of rods and screws in the back, I guess just afraid of the unknown as we all are. The pain is getting worse and worse due to non-union and the docs said it would progress until it was fixed. Sorry about your accident Lynn. Good Luck.
Lynn: My pain is worse than ever due to non-union of C5-6. They say 6-7 fused but not absolutely straight. The 2nd surgery is done posteriorly due to scar tissue if I understand correctly. The bone graft from the rear of the hip is not near as bad as the iliac crest graft that is done during ACDF and done from the front. I am just a little scared due to the unknown of another procedure. Sorry about your wreck, I look in the rear view all the time afraid of the same fate. Take care. ( I hope this does not post twice. I am having a time with my computer today)

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