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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]I've had similar symptoms but my lumbar MRI was negative. (I didn't have contrast, though...)
I'm being worked up for MS presently. I have cauda equina type symptoms but also arm, shoulder, facial, other symptoms as well.
I can relate to having the pain in your lower back and the symptoms of tingling, numbness, bladder dysfunction, etc. I've had these intermittently and they always seem to worsen when I overdo lifting something heavy or ride on an exercise bicycle. Do you ride a bike? All of these symptoms could be associated with a saddle type injury.
My cervical MRI shows a lesion-they are calling it a syrinx, which is small and most think insignificant. I also have arthritis, disc bulging, mild stenosis, like you, no-one finds these things diagnostically interesting.
Consider getting a brain MRI to rule out MS. It can start with bladder/bowel symptoms. I know that doesn't sound like a nice dx, but there is treatment and it is better to start it early than late.
Best wishes and prayers going your way.[/FONT]

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