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I've had two surgeries on my neck. The first was a c5/c6 corpectomy (which can loosely be equated to a three level ACDF) and a c3/c4/c5 laminaplasty. I was in a hard collar (Aspen) for 12 weeks after each surgery. In each case I was off work a total of 1 1/2 weeks (in the hospital for 1/2 week, home for one week). I'm a systems analyst, so there's no physical work involved. I get bored really quickly, so I just went back to work. It was much better than sitting at home trying to keep my mind occupied. I did need to get rides to/from work because of the collar, but other than that I much preferred being at work.

If you really feel up to it, do it! Good luck.
Single-level ACDF (C5-C6).

Very physical job (I am sort of a high-tech repairman. I work on MRI and CT equipment. Involves a lot of crawling/lifting/bending/laying on my back/climbing/etc.).

NS is giving me 8 weeks off from time of surgery (which was this past Friday).

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