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Cervical issues
Feb 13, 2005
strange, there are many more cervical problems here that I would have thought would be on the back boards, but guess the neck doesn't necessarily fit into the "back" area now does it?
Well, here is mine:
I am recovering btw from a two level 360 degree lumbar interbody fusion of L4-S1. My neck is what took me out of work in July. I have been diagnosed with cervical spondylosis, loss of normal lordosis, a small bulge and pinched nerve at C5-6. I am 27. I had a transverse ESI in October that took my neck pain away for a bit, but it came back. THoUGH, the pinched nerve stayed gone. NOW, it seems the nerve pain is returning, and my neck pain is just getting worse. I did PT and traction too before the esi. My muscles are in constant spasm and knots from the base of my head to my mid rib cage. Some pain radiating down the left arm again, though right now it stays at the shoulder. I have pain in my first rib on the left side and my left clavical is raised a little bit and gets noticeable when the pain hurts there. I am scared at what my treatment options are. I have read that normally this should go away within a few weeks, maybe months. BUT, it has been almost eight and it isn't getting better. I take muscle relaxers and pain meds (some for low back but now more for neck). I don't really WANT surgery there, even so though, I haven't read anything that says it would even help. I can't sit up long, look down or up. It is hard at times to look left and right. I am scared I won't be able to work or go to school without treatment that will work. Anyone here have any similar problems? Anyone have advice. It has been since August that I had an MRI. I am thinking about asking for a new one. We are moving at the end of the month and I also have to find a new dr. I would so appreciate any help. I get so nervous that life as I love is over already. well, not over, but it will be just a bit harder to enjoy.....

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