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who still has numbness to their incision site 5 month + after acdf surgery. My front of the neck is still quiet numb and some part of my skin is just burning when i touch it. I don't remember this from the acdf 4 years ago, kind of makes me nervous if the numbeness will ever go away. My shoulder is improving (its been 2 month post op). Since a few days i noticed two of my middle fingers are getting numbish and the very top part of my neck in the back starts to bother me a lot, headache like pain , but I have no headaches. Could this be another sign for trouble?? I am getting very freaked out about the numbness in the fingers, please no more neck problems, 2 fusions and shoulder surgery are more then enough. Thanks for letting me vent. And as you can see Iam still around, Martina
Hey Molly, Im also 5 months post op and my insision site and above is still numb. It does seem as if its not as numb as before but maybe im just getting used to it That drives me crazy the numbness Im always rubbing under my chin when I have something on my mind.

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