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who still has numbness to their incision site 5 month + after acdf surgery. My front of the neck is still quiet numb and some part of my skin is just burning when i touch it. I don't remember this from the acdf 4 years ago, kind of makes me nervous if the numbeness will ever go away. My shoulder is improving (its been 2 month post op). Since a few days i noticed two of my middle fingers are getting numbish and the very top part of my neck in the back starts to bother me a lot, headache like pain , but I have no headaches. Could this be another sign for trouble?? I am getting very freaked out about the numbness in the fingers, please no more neck problems, 2 fusions and shoulder surgery are more then enough. Thanks for letting me vent. And as you can see Iam still around, Martina

I am almost 15 months post-op (ACDF C5/6/7) and my scar is still sore at the end. When I had my first checkup after my operation the surgeon told me that maybe there was a stitch at the end of it bothering me and that it would heal. I brought it up to him 14 months after that it was still sore and he just ignored my question. I wish I would have persisted that I get an answer but I didn't and it still hurts. Has anyone else had this problem?
Lyn in Michigan :confused:
Hi Molly,

I haven't had the incision numbness. I do have the pain at the base of the neck right where your skull and neck meet (well that's kind of where it's at...hard to explain). Anyway, my PT doc said that there are nerves there that go up to your optic (I think that it what its called), that get moved around during the ACDF surgery. He said he has had lots of patients complain of this. It's not serious and should go away. Mine actually makes me dizzy if i push on either side when I'm walking. It's very tender back there. He had me put two tennis balls in a sock and rub them on there...sort of excercise the area. It sounds goofy, but it helps.

To tell the truth, this whole post sounds goofy, but that's what he told me. :)
Hello All,
New guy here. I had one level ACDF in Jan. 04. It's now April 05. My neck scar still burns, sometimes, and is still sore, sometimes. But mostly, I can forget about it. The scar on my hip where the doc removed bone from my illac crest is still painful, and causes me to limp whenever I don't take pain meds. (ultracet and mobic). I am scheduled for subacrominal decompression on my right shoulder next month. All this from a 15 second accident with a couple of laptops.

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