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Cervical surgery
Feb 17, 2005
I'm in a dilemma. I was injured back in October 2002--resulted in an impinged nerve in C5-6. With several weeks of physical therapy, pain mangement, chiropractic services, exercising, and now acupuncture, I am now doing better than I had been when it 1st happened. After seeing 3-4 orthopedic doctors, each one of them had told me that I should have surgery to resolve the problem and be "pain-free". I still do suffer with neck pain and slight back pain, along with a huge knot on my shoulder-- no tingleness in the fingers--thank goodness.

I am very optimistic that the body, in time, heals itself. As well, I have heard good stories, as well as, horror stories on people that have had cervical surgery. Needlesstoday, I am not pushing for surgery at this point. But, unfortunately, this was a work injury and my lawyer is pressing the issue of me having surgery now (more to do with the worker's insurance company and money). I am off to a hearing in 2 weeks to fight for permanent disability and if need be, I will reconsider surgery at a latter date (this will be a fight to reopen my case, but I will do it). My question is: I often wonder about 5 -10 years from now--am I not doing the right thing by having the surgery now?

JW--Very concerned

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