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Hi everyone, glad to have found this place! I'm wondering if my arm/shoulder numbness/burning and cramping that is worsening is just post op symtoms... or do I need further testing?

I had disc replacement with cadav bone and fusion of both C4-5, C6-7 on November 12, 04. I had severe spinal compression on those two levels. They say that C5-6 is also ruptured and causing some impingment but didn't want to mess with it unless neccessary. I was warned that I sufferered from transient paralysis of the arms and use of arms may not come back after surgery.

I tend to think that the loss of feeling and strength of the triceps and the nerves that run down the back of my shoulders and arms are permanant and the other opposite muscles are just reacting to overuse.

You'd think my doc could answer these but I had to use the welfare system of heathcare and haven't seen him since surgery... even then I only got five minutes with him before they put me under. I've been back to the clinic only to talk to some other intern twice. Not much help or info. No one would even address pain management or give me a new precription.

So, do I make these symptoms something to really be worried about and go back to ER, just to get some attention? Or, should I wait for my March 4th appointent and raise some heck then!

I paint so I don't want to lose what I have left of my arms! Thanks in advance for any responses.

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