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Has anybody tried rest for 2 or 3 months to help with neck problems?
My Doc suggested that I might want to go on short term diability to rest for my job for 2 or 3 months. I work on computers all day and this kind of work aggrevates my condition.
He said sometimes a couple months rest may help prolong the time before surgery is needed and the longer you wait for surgery, the better. If you don't have an immediate need for surgery, of course.
Also, He said in some people, it has helped in healing enough that surgery was not need for many years.

I have been throught the Pain Management and PT with no help to my cervical spine or pain. My neck is worse now then when I started Pain Management.

I posted another thread and explain that I have 4 bad cervical disc with a bunch of pain.

I am going to see a Neurosurgeon, Highly recommended by my Primary and Neurologist. To see what options I have. I am really worried about fusion since I have 4 bad discs. So maybe rest would help.

The latest MRI report says the following (some I understand and other part I don't). Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.

At C5-6 there is broad-based posterior disc/osteophyte complex, with mild deformity of the ventral cord. The canal is mildly stenotic. There is left greater than right foramina! stenosis due to uncovertebral spurring, best seen on axial image 15, impinging the left C6 nerve root and encroaching on the exiting right C6 nerve root.

At C4-5 the canal is borderline narrow. There is posterior disc/osteophyte, more pronounced on the left where there is
contact of the cord surface. This Is best seen on axial Image 11. There is mild biforaminal stenosis due to uncovertebral

At C3-4 there Is mild posterior disc bulge, minimally separated from the cord surface. The canal is borderline narrow, in
part due to short posterior elements. There are mild zygapophyseal degenerative changes, but the- foramina remain open

At C6-7, there is posterior disc bulge, touching the cord without deformity, the canal is mildly stenotic. There is mild left
foraminal stenosis,

1 At C5-6, there is mild canal stenosis. Posterior disc/osteophyte complex produces mild effacement of the ventral
cord. There is significant left greater than right foraminal narrowing, encroaching on the C6 nerve roots.
2- Mild stenosis at C6-7, with posterior disc bulge touching the cord surface without significant deformity.
5. Borderline canal stenosis^tC3-4-anqhC4-5-without cord-deformity.There is mild biforammat-nafTowing^t^4-57
4. Straightening of the mid to upper cervical lordosis, suggesting muscle spasm.
Thanks both rob_zzz and TurtleD,

It sound like you went through the same thing that I may have to in the future. Can you answer a few questions for me?
What symptoms did you have and who determined that the Nerve Damage was so bad that you could not wait for surgery?
How is your pain after this 4 level fusion conpared to before?
Did you have all 4 discs fused at the same time?
How long was recovery in the Hospital and at home?
Where you able to return to work and how long until the return?

I've been throught the whole PT and Pain Management routine nad stil have a whole lot of pain. I am still trying to get the Doctors to get me to the pain med levels that I need.
I see a Neurosurgeon for the first time on March 8th, to see what he has to say. My Neurologist suggested it as the next step after PM. Being a Neurologist, he agrees on holding off on surgery as long as possible. My MRI I just had showed my neck is getting worse each of the last 3 years. I work with computers and that may be one of the worse jobs for people with Neck problems.

But I have allot of symptoms that I think I could live with, as long as I have the proper Meds. My wife may not agree as I am miserable allot of the time.
But I am still not on the level of pain meds I need. I dropped the PM Doc and am going to see my PCP for Pain Meds on 3/9. He said he will help me with the meds. I am on 50 mcl Duragesic and up to 4 Norco a day. But some days that does not handle the pain (most days it is enough for now).

I have the pain down my right arm and in the hands, right shoulder pain and neck painis really bad, numb and tigling hands (more on right hand than left), very week right shoulder and arms (I cannot pull the seat belt over in the car...have to use both arms), Spinal Headaches, pain down upper back, pain beginning on left shoulder, stabbing pains in cervical spine (feels like a knife sticking in the spine at times).
The other day my right hand started severely shaking like never before. I hade tremors before, but this was really shaking and worried me.

Keep in mind, I use to be in great shape and played QB in football in college until and knee injury ended that. But I have always been big and strong until this cervical spine problem. Now I am just big. I am 6' 4" and shrinking and about 275 lbs.

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