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I have been on disability now for seven months for my back and neck. It was my neck that took me out of work initially. After a MRI and xray I found out I had: loss of normal lordosis, spondylosis, small bulge at C5-6 and an emg showed a pinched nerve as well. The lumbar MRI showed DDD in two discs and at the time the dr decided to treat my back. I did have transforaminal ESI in my neck and after a month it worked, little pain. But it is now back (injection was in OCT). I am healing from a lumbar fusion and my neck pain is just getting worse. So, after seven months of not working, injections, PT, traction, Medrol Steroids and massage, things are NOT getting better. I have read that with spondy AND loss of curve will lead to further problems probably resulting in surgery at some time. I am 27 and need mine fixed some how b/c I can't sit up to go back to school or work! I am getting a bit freaked out. I would love to also hear what others have done.

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