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It is now 11 weeks post op from my 2-level, I started up the past week with a clicking sound in my neck when i turn. About the same time i started up with left shoulder blade and a little neck pain. Overall I was feeling good till this started, the shoulder blade is worrying me because it was increaseing each day. It kind of leveled off past two days. My problem was on the right prior to surgery. My next fup is 4/7 but I called the office. Surgeon is on vacation but his PA talked to me, asked if i had pain when turning, i don't. said clicking is ok, and may eventually go away, and if i wanted an xray early I could, but would still have to do another on 4/7. We opted to watch this next week, and if i get worse i'll go in. I posted a question if anyone else has seen this clicking/popping no answer. Guess I'll put the collar back on for a couple days and see if I feel better, any advice?

Hi, I am sorry that nobody answered your post last week. I was going to but I hesitated because I don't want to worry you but since you didn't hear back from anyone else I guess I will tell you about me.
Nov. 29/04 I had an ACDF on C5/6 6/7 with donor bone and titanium pins and plates. I have had neck pain for at least 5 years now also shoulder aches and pains and a head ache which comes from the back of my head and around to the front, behind my ears, in front of my ears and jaw.
The operation went well but I never got a chance to recooperate because of a whiplash car accident. I think I was starting to feel better!!! I know it does take a while after surgery. The car accident was not my fault (now that I have got that out of the way). Anyway you can read my posts about my long drawn out story, I am sick of listening to myself.
Bottom line is I just found out 14 months later that my second donor bone did not heal (the neuro. says that it disintegrated) and there is nothing they can do for me that I have too many things going on to know where the pain is coming from. I had surgery because of bone spurs, arthritis, degeneration and bulging discs. Now he says he shouldn't have done the surgery, he did it because he knew I was desperate. Well, I am still in a lot of pain.
Anyway I am sorry, I am going on. I hate to say this to you because everyone is different but about 3 months ago, my neck started popping and clicking, it just depends on which way I move it. Sometimes my son can hear it right across the room, if he calls me and I turn around too quickly. I asked the neuro. about it and he didn't even comment, he grumbled something about "oh that doesn't mean anything"!!! My scar is still very tender too and he wouldn't comment on that. At first he said that there was maybe a stitch at the end that was tender and that would go away but it never has. Also I was told originally that I had myolopathy which was pain radiating from my neck down my arm into my hand and it made my hand numb and tingly. Well 14 months later, I have no relief from that!!! When I question him too much he gets very annoyed at me to the point that he got very upset when I questioned him why didn't he find out that I was fused after 14 months and by finally sending me for a myelogram. At 4 months he tried to dismiss me and tell me that he couldn't help me that he was afraid that I had fibromyalgia!!!! I have tried everything and then went back to him and then he decided to send me for the myelogram. He didn't like me questioning him so he told me to try another specialist for a second opinion. I left there very upset and frustrated and here I am now looking at the next step which is medial branch blocks next friday. I have already had these done last year before surgery and my car accident but my pain med. doc says now I have a new neck.
I am sorry for rambling. I hope you have better luck then I did and I am trying not to tell you anything that will upset you but this is my story!!!!
Hope you feel better soon.
Take care
Lyn in Michigan :angel:

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