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Just had C5-6 surgery 4 weeks ago...I honestly have not missed a beat! Waiting to have this surgery was worse than the surgery itself. Now, mind you, I think I had a pretty clear cut case...basically just get in, take the disc out, put the donor bone in, screw in plate, and then sew me up, done! No bone spurs, spinal column problems, etc...I had some hoarseness for a few days, basically could eat whatever I wanted after about a week. The incision site has never bothered me. My incision is only about 3 inches (we, women, tend to be more accurate in our measurements, especially when it comes to inches hahahaha sorry, that was a bad joke) Anyhow, I had instant relief from my pain which started at my neck and ended at my right had been constant and unrelenting since Aug. 04. I tried PT, epidural injections, pain relievers, you name it...woke up from the surgery with TOTAL pain relief. Only pain I feel now is some residual pain on my LEFT side (go figure). It is not constant and is controllable with muscle relaxers and/or Motrin. I am going to ask the doc next week about this pain but it really doesn't trouble me that much and seems to get better as the weeks pass. As far as working, I am a stay at home mom with a part time "fun" job at a Curves fitness center. I went back to work this week, can't actually do the Curves strength training circuit right now, but I can stay on my feet for 5-6 hours at a time and do my other duties at work. I probably could have gone back to work a little earlier but decided to be patient and give myself almost a month of healing...particularly since the urgency was not there. A desk job might be a little tougher just because for me the only time I feel the least bit uncomfortable is like now, when I have spent some time on the computer. Main thing is to read your body, you will know when you are ready to do certain things. As far as around the house, I pretty much do everything that I did pre-surgery...we are a very busy household and life could not stop for Mommy to have surgery...I am walking 3-4 miles a day, doing housework (kind of taking it easy on the lifting and the vacuuming), driving, helping coach my girls softball, I said, haven't missed a beat. I had an excellent surgeon and a positive attitude...both of those things helped me immensely. BTW, my surgeon used me as a guinea pig and put a dissolving plate and screws system in my neck! Good luck to you, sorry this is so long but just wanted you to know that there are people out there who have bounced back quickly...I know I am blessed to have had such a recovery! Good luck! Terry

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