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Hi Ander,
I underwent a posterior fusion following a failed anterior fusion C5-7. Unlike you, both levels had failed to fuse and I had additional symptoms from another level so my repeat surgery was a three level fusion (C4-7). If you have long hair all the surgeon is likely to do is to cut an area aound where he'll make the incision - it'll be well covered by the rest of your hair. My scar on the back, although longer than the front looks terrific and will probably not be noticeable by the end of a year.

Yes, it's a rougher post op course than an ACDF but from my point of view, almost five months out, more than worth it. I was off work a lot longer and even now am very careful what and how I lift things. I get sore at the end of a busy day but this does not compare to the pain and weakness pre op. You're only having one level done so it should be much easier. As I mentioned to Esmo I cannot overemphasise the need to take things very slowly, I am lucky that I found a physical therapist who is curbing me and preventing me from overdoing it.

Try to relax, I also was petrified before this operation, more so than I have ever been in my life, and found the anticipation was the worst part. Before your pre op visit just remember to list your questions for the surgeon on a piece of paper as you're bound to forget things and have someone with you to remember the answers that you were too nervous to take in.

Good luck,

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