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this is a question for your dr. Are you on any lifting restrictions? Any movement restrictions?
I am healing from a lumbar fusion and from the low back stand point when a disc goes bad, there are chances it can get worse down the road, ESPECIALLY if you don't take care of it (I had a micro in 2002 and in 2004 had DDD in two discs; that doesn't get better-so i had the fusion). I have a herniation in my cspine as well, and was given the fancy name of spondylosis which is a fancy term for arthritis or degeneration. This will not get better. I am using my options right now before surgery is an option. I am scared TO DEATH to let someone cut into my neck-though I have no problem with any other part of my body, go figure. I gained 15 pounds from birth control (I hope) and after four months of healing am just now able to do low impact aerobics ( I understand it is different for backs and neck with this, just using as an example). I would hate to think of losing the weight only to gain it back after a neck surgery. SO, even though I got off track, I wish you all the best and just be sure to clear everything with your surgeon. Even PT doesn't necessarily know (they go off what the dr orders, though cervical therapy I think is a little different). Ah, who am I kidding. I need to learn from all of yOU!
Oh, were the surgeries worth it? My dr told me cervical surgeries do better than lumbar. I am afraid of the front incision AND losing ROM (not that I have a whole lot right now anyway!)

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